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Muslim Dating App Muzmatch is Going Global

Since Muzmatch was founded in the UK almost three years ago by Shahzad Younas, an ex-investment banker, there have reportedly been over 6,000 engagements.

Food & Health
Clean Meat
What is ‘Clean Meat’ and is it Halal?

Animal cells are placed in a nutrient-dense liquid medium in a bioreactor, where they multiply until they form into a combination of muscle and fat tissue.

These are the Apps You Need if You’re Studying at University

Having a hard time getting it together at university? These apps will give you the skills you need to go from unimpressive undergrad to A-grade academic.

Three Muslim Start-Ups That are, as Tech People say, Disrupting …

Amidst the big names that dominate headlines, there are tech start-ups creating apps that can really assist Muslims in their daily lives. Check them out.

MS Paint
Muslim Masterpieces Created by Ummahsonic on MS Paint

The mark the recent passing of MS Paint (and even more recent return) we took to the beloved Windows program to create our own Muslim-based masterpieces.

These are the Apps That Will Support You This Ramadan

Ummahsonic has scraped the net for the best apps available to support you this Ramadan, from halal food reviews to Quranic verse. Let’s check them out.

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