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Ramadan Gains: Mohammed Yahya
Ramadan Gains: Mohammed Yahya

This month we want to shout out some amazing individuals who have been giving back to their communities, encompassing the true spirit of the holy month.

Asma Elbadawi is More Than Just a Sports Star and a Poet
Asma Elbadawi is More Than Just a Sports Star and …

Asma Elbadawi, celebrated basketball player and coach, isn’t someone who likes to hear the word ‘can’t’. The 27-year-old from a Sudanese background recently generated a lot of attention …

Young Muslim Voices
Young Muslim Voices: Telling Stories That Tackle Ignorance

The film recounts an experience a Muslim woman had on a flight, when cabin crew were alerted after someone saw her text ‘Allah’ to a friend.

Spoken Word
Have We Told You About Our...SPOKEN WORD CHALLENGE?!

We know you’ve been inspired by the spoken word artists we’ve featured this Ramadan, so we want you to try your hand for our Spoken Word Challenge.

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