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Asma Elbadawi is More Than Just a Sports Star and a Poet
Asma Elbadawi is More Than Just a Sports Star and …

Asma Elbadawi, celebrated basketball player and coach, isn’t someone who likes to hear the word ‘can’t’. The 27-year-old from a Sudanese background recently generated a lot of attention …

Galentine’s Day
These are the Women We’d Want to Spend Galentine’s Day With

The name was originally the title of a season two episode of Parks & Recreation.

Muslim Sisterhood
Lamisa Khan, Zeinab Saleh and Sara Gulamali: The Artists Capturing …

The Muslim Sisterhood project celebrates Muslim women in London in all their diverse, confident and extremely cool glory.

Food & Health
An East London Bakery is Helping Refugee Women by Teaching …

The E5 Bakehouse in Hackney is helping refugee women ease their way into UK life by teaching them about different aspects of baking.

Bianca Elmir
Bianca Elmir: The Australian Boxer Fighting Misconceptions About Islam

The 35-year-old has firmly established herself in the sport in her country, and she now wants to use her position to inspire other women.

Selina Begum
East London Hijabi Selina Begum Becomes First State School Student …

The 16-year-old was crowned best debater at the prestigious Eton Autumn Invitational after she defeated 200 competitors - most of them from private schools.

Halal Holiday Hackers #5 Hijabi Globetrotter
Halal Holiday Hackers #5 Hijabi Globetrotter

Hijabi Globetrotter proves how travelling isn’t all sunny selfies and finding yourself. It can also be difficult and occasionally a bit scary.

Hijabi Monologues
The Hijabi Monologues are Challenging Myths About Muslim Women

The Hijabi Monologues repositions the narrative surrounding hijabis, who are the most talked about symbol of Islam and yet the most voiceless.

Dana Hussain
Dana Hussain: The Iraqi Sprinter Who Defines the Olympic Spirit

Dana Hussain competed in the 100m sprint at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Iraq, the only Iraqi athlete who had actually trained in the war torn country.

Asli Hassan Abade
The Story of Asli Hassan Abade, the First Female Military …

Asli joined the Somali Air Force in 1976. She is the first female pilot in the SAF, she is also thought to be the first female pilot in an African military.

Cut From the Same Cloth: A Collection of Essays Penned …

Edited by Sabeena Akhtar, Cut From the Same Cloth will give a voice to hijabis who are often the subject of discussions led by everyone except hijabis.

Remembering Noor Inayat Khan, the Muslim Indian ‘Princess’ Who was a Spy for Britain in WWII
Remembering Noor Inayat Khan, the Muslim Indian ‘Princess’ Who was …

Noor Inayat Khan was an Indian Muslim of noble heritage, who was posthumously awarded the George Cross due to her heroics as an allied spy during WWII.

Muslim women
Three Muslim Women Fighting to Make the World a Better Place

We’re highlighting the efforts of 3 Muslim women who are working to improve the lives of their fellow sisters through activism, education and social media.

The Realist, Wokest and Downright Best Reactions to the First …

#MuslimWomensDay took place on 27 March. The campaign was launched by the website Muslim Girl to celebrate the achievements of all Muslim ladies out there.

#DearSister - The Muslim Women fed up of Being Told …

In the build up to International Women’s Day, #DearSister started trending as Muslim women described the unreasonable expectations they’ve had to deal with.

NYFW2016 and Generation M
Generation M: The Powerful Muslims You Didn’t See Coming

Everyone’s starting to go nuts about Generation M. But who are these mysterious one-initialled creatures?

We’ll Help You Figure Out Hajj
We’ll Help You Figure Out Hajj

With Hajj 2016 season upon us, we’re all thinking of the fifth pillar of Islam and our obligation to fulfil it in our lifetime. Questions and answers here.

Hijabies - Hijabs
5 Ridiculous Things Muslim Women Get Asked

Hijabs are commonly used to describe a headscarf, niqabs refer to the face veil, and burkas are a little open to interpretation.

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