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Islamic History
Banu Musa
How the Banu Musa Brothers From Ninth Century Baghdad Laid …

The Banu Musa brothers, scholars from 9th century Baghdad, invented hundreds of devices, many of which set the foundations for modern mechanics.

Islamic History
Muslim Pioneers
Muslim Pioneers You Should Be Learning About in School – Al …

Welcome to Part One of our Muslim Pioneers season. This time: Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi. Meet the man who influenced life-saving methods used today.

Blue Mosque
Mosques of Instagram

Mosques are not only a place of worship, they are a refuge, a haven away from everyday troubles, & a place where you are more spiritually connected to God.

Islamic History
When Muslims, Jews and Christians Built a Great Civilisation

Muslims, Jews and Christians built a great civilization by working together in medieval Spain. We take a look at these interesting times in Spain.

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