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The Moving Moment a Muslim Father Forgave Man Involved in …

In incredible courtroom scenes, the victim’s father, Dr. Abdul-Munim Sombat Jitmoud, offered his forgiveness to 24-year-old Trey Alexander Relford.

Black and Muslim in Britain: The Web Series Giving Black …

The web series was created by a group of activists who were frustrated by the erasure of Black Muslims from discussions of black history as well as Islam.

Finsbury Park
Finsbury Park Attack: Though Times are Fearful, Never be Afraid …

The terror attack in Finsbury Park last night was an Islamophobic hate crime. However, we must not let it prevent us from expressing our faith this Ramadan.

Looking at The Importance of Self-Reflection During Ramadan

Ummahsonic is highlighting the importance of self-reflection during Ramadan. Because while it’s normal to make mistakes, it’s also important to act on them.

Controversy Rages as Mosque Bans Fidget Spinners
Controversy Rages as Mosque Bans Fidget Spinners

The most popular gadget of 2017, the fidget spinner, has been banned from a mosque in New Zealand. Is this the right decision or a non-event?

Somali Sideways is Sharing Unheard Stories from the Diaspora

Somali Sideways is a photo project that is looking to change perceptions of Somalis and the diaspora - a people who often suffer from negative stereotypes.

Food & Health
Amanda Saab: The Muslim Chef Fighting Islamophobia with Food

To foster understanding & tolerance, Saab began hosting dinners, inviting neighbours, strangers and even the Uber driver who picked her up from the shops.

Muslim Wrestler Sami Zayn Is Our New Favourite WWE Star

Meet the WWE wrestler whose winning fights, changing perceptions of Islam, and letting people know there’s ‘a chance for anybody, from any background.’

Islamic History
Muslim Pioneers
Muslim Pioneers You Should Be Learning About in School – Al …

Welcome to Part One of our Muslim Pioneers season. This time: Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi. Meet the man who influenced life-saving methods used today.

2017, Islam and Me: Bitesize Ways to Better Yourself

The new year is a time to contemplate ways to better ourselves in our faith. But how can we achieve this? Resolutions can be so hard to stick to!

Who is Jesus?

Christmas day is when Christians believe Jesus was born, but as Muslims, what do we know about him? We decided to take a look...

Muslims of Scotland
Muslims of Scotland

Tartan, bagpipes, sweeping mountains, stunning views and... haggis. But what about our Muslim brothers and sisters up there in Scotland?

Saad Al-Kassab
Fleeing to the Top down Under: the Syrian Refugee Rewriting …

Meet Saad Al-Kassab, a young Syrian refugee who fled to Australia achieving an almost perfect secondary school grade just two years after learning English.

Muslims Christmas
How This Muslim Owned Restaurant Is Giving Back to the Community

Christmas is a time for giving, no matter what your religion is and British Muslims have been showing their love and generosity across the country to all.

Technology for Your Prayers

Struggle to get up for prayers? Are you confused about the timing for the first prayers of the day? Well, did you know there is technology for your prayers?

Blue Mosque
Mosques of Instagram

Mosques are not only a place of worship, they are a refuge, a haven away from everyday troubles, & a place where you are more spiritually connected to God.

Islamic History
When Muslims, Jews and Christians Built a Great Civilisation

Muslims, Jews and Christians built a great civilization by working together in medieval Spain. We take a look at these interesting times in Spain.

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