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We Love the Art Journals of the Siddique Sisters

The Pakistani twins’ art journals combine drawing, painting, collage, poetry and various other creative ephemera.

This Instagram is Documenting the Incredible Places Muslims Pray

All of the posts on Places You’ll Pray remind us that Islam can be observed no matter your environment, whether its natural or manmade.

Black History Month: Black in the Day

Black in the Day is a photo archive + Instagram that describes itself as a ‘visual journey through the Black British Experience.’

Halal Holiday Hackers #1 Muslim Travel Girl

We’re kicking the series off with Muslim Travel Girl, an A-lister of the blogging scene and someone who can offer you some serious money saving hacks.

Vintage Somalia: An Instagram Remembering a Land We Rarely See
Vintage Somalia: An Instagram Remembering a Land We Rarely See

The photos on the Instagram Vintage Somalia prove that there was once so much more to the East African country than conflict, suffering and instability.

Food & Health
Feed the Lion
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #9 Feed the Lion

If you’re familiar with the world of halal food blogs, you’ve probably heard of Feed the Lion. The website is a blogging monster with a terrific Instagram.

Now is the Time for You to Follow Bodega Cats …

In NYC, a corner shop is called a bodega. One Instagram account is championing the cats that lounge among the shelves in these beloved community hubs.

Food & Health
Halal Hunt
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #7 Halal Hunt

The guy behind the Halal Hunt blog is an expert in the meat-between-buns field of food. If you’re obsessed with finding the best burgers, give him a follow.

Food & Health
Halal Food
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #6 The Halal Food Diaries

The foodie behind The Halal Food Diaries is a doctor by profession, but when she’s not treating patients she’s after the best halal eats in London & beyond.

Food & Health
Steak & Teeth
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #4 Steak & Teeth

Get to know the food blog run by a dentist who tells his patients to look after their teeth while he destroys his own with some outrageously delicious eats.

Food & Health
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #3: One Arab Vegan

One Arab Vegan is a Bahrain-based blogger who documents her experimental and enjoyable approach to vegan cooking. It’s a multicoloured marvel to look at.

Food & Health
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #2 Man vs Halal Food
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #2 Man vs Halal Food

Man vs Halal Food is a veritable human meat grinder who travels the country sampling some of the most mouthwatering halal dishes you’ll ever see.

The Young Muslim Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram #13
The Young Muslim Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram #13

After thirteen terrific instalments, we’re bidding farewell to The Young Muslim Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram series. What a wild ride it’s been.

How Tech Giants are Supporting Us This Ramadan

This week, Instagram dedicated their story to Ramadan around the globe, and it was great. Google also launched an online Ramadan support system.

Hijabies - Hijabs
5 Ridiculous Things Muslim Women Get Asked

Hijabs are commonly used to describe a headscarf, niqabs refer to the face veil, and burkas are a little open to interpretation.

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