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It’s GCSE Results Day! Aaah! Here’s What to Expect

Today is GCSE results day, the day that represents your first step away from the rigours of school and on to a life of freedom and semi-adulthood.

So You’re About to get Your A-Level Results. Here’…

We’re here to give you a few tips on what to do once you’ve received your grades (WHICH COME OUT AUGUST 17), as well as a few reassuring slices of reality.

Everything You Go Through at Graduation
Everything You Go Through at Graduation

Right now, thousands of people are receiving their degrees while wearing a funny hat. Here’s everything you go through at graduation when you’re Muslim.

How To Tackle Pre-Exam Stress LIKE A BOSS

With exams approaching, it’s completely normal to feel stressed. But with the help of this Ummahsonic guide, you’ll hopefully feel just a little bit calmer.

Islamic History
First university by Fatima al-Fihri
Heading to Uni? Guess Who You Have to Thank for It!

With Freshers descending on campuses all over the country we can feel the excitement. But have you ever wondered how the first university came about?

Freshers Week in UK Universities
Freshers! 5 Ways to Have the Time of Your Life at …

Traditionally, Freshers Week at universities in the UK are very drink-heavy, which doesn’t always work. So we wanted to put a few tips together to help.

sunshine and exam results
Summer Means Sunshine… and Exam Results

The sun has been shining, but the future is looming with exam results on their way.

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