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Boutique De Nana
Ummahsonic talks to Yousra Elsadig, CEO of Modest Fashion Brand: …

We want to inspire you to pursue your passions so we’re going to keep finding awesome people doing their thing and find out how they did it. First up, …

Fashion & Beauty
Uzma Yakoob
Uzma Yakoob: From Apprentice Also-Ran to Makeup Mega Entrepreneur

Since being on the receiving end of a Sugar-brand ‘You’re fired’, Uzma has turned her makeup and beauty lines into a global business venture.

Fashion & Beauty
Looking Back on the London Modest Fashion Festival
Looking Back on the London Modest Fashion Festival

The event, which took place at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, was put on by London-based Doctor, Fahreen Mir, and human rights barrister, Sultana Tafadar.

Fashion & Beauty
Project Runway
Meet Ayana Ife, The Hijabi Competing on the new Season …

The current season of Project Runway features contestant Ayana Ife, a hijabi who’s fast becoming a fan favourite thanks to her slay-mongering modest wear.

Fashion & Beauty
Queen of Luna
Makeup Artist Queen of Luna is Freaking Us out with …

Malaysia-based makeup artist Queen of Luna is creating incredible hijab cosplay, featuring Disney princesses, horror anti-heroes and comic book heroines.

Fashion & Beauty
Why This Bride Didn't Wear Makeup at Her Own Wedding

Tasnim Jara, a Muslim bride in Bangladesh, recently elected to ditch the make-up for her wedding day, as she didn’t want to comply with societal pressures.

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