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Sara G
Sara Gulamali and the Art of Skewing Pop Culture

Sara G creates striking images that embrace the candy-coated sorbet colour palettes of social media while skewering familiar pieces of pop culture.

Charting the Rise of Arabic in Grime

Grime has never been afraid to take inspiration from a variety of cultures.

Islamic History
Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, is Finally Getting a …

The animation is inspired by the life of Bilal ibn Rabah, one of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) most trusted companions and the first muezzin in Islam.

Explaining the Complex World of Arabic Letter Memes
Explaining the Complex World of Arabic Letter Memes

Unravelling the mystery around some Arabic letter memes. If you know any memes and want to show them off, please post them in our Facebook comments.

World Hijab Day: There Is No Compulsion in Faith
World Hijab Day: There Is No Compulsion in Faith

Today marks World Hijab Day, which recognises the millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab.

Food & Health
Clean Meat
What is ‘Clean Meat’ and is it Halal?

Animal cells are placed in a nutrient-dense liquid medium in a bioreactor, where they multiply until they form into a combination of muscle and fat tissue.

Malala Teams up with Apple CEO Tim Cook to Launch …

The partnership will allow the Malala Fund to double the number of grants it distributes through its Gulmakai Network.

We Love the Art Journals of the Siddique Sisters

The Pakistani twins’ art journals combine drawing, painting, collage, poetry and various other creative ephemera.

Young Muslim Voices
Young Muslim Voices: Telling Stories That Tackle Ignorance

The film recounts an experience a Muslim woman had on a flight, when cabin crew were alerted after someone saw her text ‘Allah’ to a friend.

Muslim Sisterhood
Lamisa Khan, Zeinab Saleh and Sara Gulamali: The Artists Capturing …

The Muslim Sisterhood project celebrates Muslim women in London in all their diverse, confident and extremely cool glory.

Fashion & Beauty
Uzma Yakoob
Uzma Yakoob: From Apprentice Also-Ran to Makeup Mega Entrepreneur

Since being on the receiving end of a Sugar-brand ‘You’re fired’, Uzma has turned her makeup and beauty lines into a global business venture.

Sonny Bill
Check out pics from Rugby Star Sonny Bill Williams’ Recent Umrah

Recently, Sonny Bill took to Instagram to document his Umrah - the non-obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca.

Muslim Group Plant 350 Trees to Promote Environmental Responsibility

Trees are good. The world needs more of them. Let’s fist bump anyone who’s planting 350 in a single go.

Nusrat Ghani Becomes First Muslim Woman Minister to Speak in Parliament

Ms Ghani, 45, has been MP for Wealden since 2015.

Snow Fell in the Sahara the Other Day and, yes, …

At the beginning of January, an intense winter snow fell in the Sahara Desert in Algeria, near the town of Ain Safra.

Food & Health
How to Make Veganuary 2018 The Best Veganuary Ever

We’re here to help you make this the best Veganuary ever by giving you tips on remaining meat-less until February 1.

Meet Zahra Lari, the First Professional Hijabi Figure Skater
Meet Zahra Lari, the First Professional Hijabi Figure Skater

As a teen, Lari would skate before and after school at the only rink in Abu Dhabi, located within Zayed Sports City.

Abdi Omar
Motivational Speaker Abdi Omar Never Lets His Cerebral Palsy Stop …

Abdi uses his life story as the basis for motivational talks aimed at young people.