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Meet Omar Kamal, Palestine’s Answer to Frank Sinatra

We’ve got good news for anyone who feels like a Palestinian version of Frank Sinatra should exist - a Palestinian version of Frank Sinatra does exist.

Islamic History
Who is Halet Çambel, the Female Muslim Fencer Honoured by …

Halet Çambel was a Turkish fencer, archaeologist and pioneering Muslim woman who was honoured by Google Doodle during this year’s International Women’s Day.

The Young Muslim Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram #2

Ummahsonic’s newfound quest to bring you the best young Muslim artists on Instagram continues this week with the amazing illustrations of MOOSLEEMARGH.

Fashion & Beauty
Fashioning the Future With Mr Erbil: Iraq’s Sharpest Hipsters

50 miles from the Mosul conflict, a group of men have opened up the Mr Erbil Gentlemen’s Club providing a new and stylish vision for young people in Iraq.

#DearSister - The Muslim Women fed up of Being Told …

In the build up to International Women’s Day, #DearSister started trending as Muslim women described the unreasonable expectations they’ve had to deal with.

More Reasons to Love Mahershala Ali (Even if you Haven't …

The world is crushing on Mahershala Ali right now, and we’re not going to be the crew to hop off this bandwagon. Here are some more reasons to love him.

Five Things Your Non-Muslim Friends Think Muslims Can’t Do

To make some misconceptions go away, we’ve put together a list of the 5 most common things your non-Muslim friends think Muslims can’t do. Take note y'all.

Islamic History
Meet The Unsung Muslim Hero Google Honoured Last Week!

Google honoured Abdul Sattar Edhi last week, but most people haven't heard of him. He was an amazing man who founded the world’s largest ambulance service.

Meet Khabib Nurmagomedov, The Muslim Mixed Martial Artist Fighting for …

On Saturday at UFC 209, Khabib Nurmagomedov has a chance to become the first Muslim UFC champion when he takes on Tony Ferguson. We look at his chances.

What’s Moonlight About and Should You See it? (For …

Are you a person who’s heard of the Academy Award winning ‘Moonlight’ star & Muslim Mahershala Ali but not actually seen Moonlight? Then read on, my friend.

Celebrate the Life of Jo Cox at ‘The Great Get Together’

To celebrate the life of the late Labour MP Jo Cox, who was murdered last June, street parties, picnics and bake-offs will be held across the UK this summer

Meet the Young Muslim Artist(s) You Need to Follow …

We’re on the lookout for the best young Muslim artists that you need to follow on Instagram. To start off, check out the amazing work of Areeba Siddique.

fake news
How to Spot Fake News on the Internet

Fake news and ‘alternative facts’ are all over the internet, we’ve put together a guide to help you debunk all the online rubbish. We take a look...

Food & Health
Superfoods: The Holy Quran’s Guide to Eating Healthy

Scientists are busy telling us what kind of superfoods we should eat to keep us healthy. But did you know many of them were mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Amazing Muslim Americans Raised $125,000 to Repair a Jewish Cemetery

Some amazing American Muslims helped raise over $125,000 to repair a Jewish cemetery after it was vandalised and the story is sending love around the US.

Fashion & Beauty
We Were At London’s First Ever ‘Modest Fashion Week’ And It Rocked
We Were At London’s First Ever ‘Modest Fashion Week’ …

The UmmahSonic Towers Fashionistas took ourselves to London last week for the first ever ‘Modest Fashion Week’ and it rocked! Here are some highlights...

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Kaaba

The Kaaba in Mecca is one of the most famous buildings in the world, but how much do you actually know about Islam’s most sacred site?

A Man Who Lost His Wife in a Terrorist Attack …

Mohamed El Bachiri lost his wife in the 2016 Brussels bombings. He’s now started a ‘Jihad of Love’, because understanding and openness is the only way to combat madness and hatred.