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Power Pictures From Three Female Muslim Photographers

Following #MuslimWomensDay, we were inspired to seek out more phenomenal sisters, including three who are capturing their world through a lens.

Islamic History
queen elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth I and Islam - A History You’ve …

After the country was shunned by Catholic Europe during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, she turned to an unlikely source to help England: the Islamic world.

Finding Fatimah, The Fate of the Furious and The Other …

Finding Fatimah follows a young Muslim man on the search for love in the UK, and it’s just one of the many great movies coming out this Easter holiday.

Lent and Ramadan - More Similar Than You Think?

With Lent coming to an end and Ramadan only a few months away, let’s look at the qualities these two events share - despite representing different faiths.

Young, Muslim & British - Snapchat Celebrated Islam Awareness Week With …

With a little help from Snapchat, Islam Awareness Week gave people across the country the opportunity to show how they’re proud Muslims and proud Brits.

We Love Everything About #Muslims4Lent

In an excellent show of interfaith solidarity and understanding, the last few years have seen many Muslims observe Lent in support of their Christian pals.

Sisters project
The Sisters Project is Challenging Stereotypes About Muslim Women

Alia Youssef recently launched The Sisters Project a series ‘humanising, diversifying, and showcasing the individual narratives of Muslim women.’

Animals in the Qu’ran – Because Why Not?

We all love funny animal pics, funny animal gifs, funny animal vids and, most importantly, funny animal memes. But what does the Qu’ran say about animals?

April Fools' Day
The Week in Fake News #4 - The Origins of April …

An incorrect story about the origins of April Fools’ Day was once used to prank Muslims back in the early days of online trolling. So what was it all about?

The Young Muslim Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram #3

We love the work of Aqsa Naveed. If you know an artist who deserves our love, shout them out in the Facebook comments and we’ll whack them on the site.

The Realist, Wokest and Downright Best Reactions to the First …

#MuslimWomensDay took place on 27 March. The campaign was launched by the website Muslim Girl to celebrate the achievements of all Muslim ladies out there.

FAKE NEWS SPECIAL: How Facebook Plans to Tackle Fake News

Ummahsonic can’t be Fake News busting heroes all the time. So this week we’re stepping aside to take a look at Facebook’s new ‘Fake News Alert’ feature.

Mother's Day
Meet the Muslim Women Achieving Their #MumGoals This Mother’s Day

Here are some Muslim mums who are killing this whole parenting thing and posting their success on Instagram under the hashtag #MumGoals. Happy Mother’s Day!

Photographer Behind Pic of ‘Indifferent’ Woman in Hijab Has Spoken …

Jamie Lorriman, the photographer who captured the picture, has come to the woman’s defence and criticised people who accused her of being ‘indifferent’.

Food & Health
Do You Suffer from Back Pain? Prayer Might Be the Answer...

Does your spine feel like a broken slinky? Would you rather be hit by a bus than spend another minute hunched over a laptop? We may have a solution: prayer.

Cities Across The Country Pay Tribute To Victims of London …

Towns & cities across the country stand in solidarity with the capital by offering their own tributes to the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack in London.

Muslims Unite to Raise Thousands for Victims of Westminster Attack

A crowdfunding campaign called Muslims United for London has already raised over £9,000 for the victims of yesterday’s tragic terror attack in Westminster.

Londoners Back to Business as Usual Despite Terror Attack

The response to yesterday’s tragic terror attack in Westminster proves that London doesn’t so much as rise out of the ashes as stroll right through them