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Mmm, food – everyone has a favourite, everyone has a guilty pleasure; so, really, it was only a matter of time before we wheeled out the subject on our blog. We’ve been enlisting the views of just about anyone who will listen, and have come up with what we think is the best “food tour” possible around the U.K. for eight of our favourite types of chow. To keep things fair, for each group on the tour we’ve found the highest ranked restaurant on Trip Advisor, and picked out some of their dishes that made us dribble a little bit. So sit back, relax and get hungry…

Turkish food

Where to go: Enfield

Which restaurant: Tadim

When the first few reviews are entitled “What a treat” and “Delicious food”, you know you’re onto a winner. Tadim prides itself on traditional fare, appealing to more than 20,000 people of Turkish descent in the area. Think chicken beyti, adana kofte and kulbasti, as well as every type of kebab imaginable.

Iranian food

Where to go: Manchester

Which restaurant: Caspian

South of the main city, in the Rusholme area, Caspian focuses on using the best spices available to ensure their “halal, Persian cuisine never disappoints”. Recommended specials include khorostheh, ghormeh sabzi and zereshk polo, with reviews believing they also have the “best UK kebabs” as well as the always-useful “excellent, friendly staff”.

Iraqi food

Where to go: Cardiff

Which restaurant: Mashawe

“The best”. “Amazing”. Short, sharp reviews which paint a picture of what to expect here. Husband and wife Mahmood and Zeena serve up lamb quozzi, kubbet mousil and bakalla, as well as some seriously refreshing looking traditional drinks. Lemon and mint, anyone?


Bangladeshi food

Where to go: Oldham

Which restaurant: Westwood East

Award-winning curry is on offer at this local institution, serving up boal biran, pangash balti and much more since 1999. Reviews are hugely complimentary: “consistently the best Asian restaurant I’ve eaten in” and “food and service just keep getting better and better”. High praise indeed.

Indian food

Where to go: Leicester

Which restaurant: Lilu Cuisine

Any restaurant’s website where you’re greeted with vegetables stuffed with bubbling melted cheese is a winner with us. Lilu prides itself on unusual ingredients such guinea fowl and ostrich, but is also a winner with hiran ki kadi and bharwaan subziyan. Consistently rated as five stars online.


Pakistani food

Where to go: Bradford

Which restaurant: Akbars

Boldly introducing itself as the “King of Curry”, this eatery backs it up with branches around the country – but in Bradford, locals flock back time and again for the makai ka sewat and roshan lal. If you live nearby, they’re currently recruiting mystery diners, if you fancy being paid to sample their delights!

Lebanese food

Where to go: London

Which restaurant: Maroush

The Edgware Road area of the capital is famed for its Lebanese community, and many from near and far head to Maroush. The likes of tawayeh lahem and koussa warak have been served up here since 1981, and the reviews reckon their “legacy” will keep visitors coming back for more.

Malaysian food

Where to go: Liverpool

Which restaurant: Chilli Pot

We’ve kind of cheated here, it’s actual South Asian fusion caper; but the Malaysian dishes on the menu score highly in the reviews we’ve read. Rendang curry and mee goreng are on the bill, which, incidentally, is never that steep according to several recent references.

So there you have it – if you’re as hungry as we are now, why not tick these off on your own tour. Or, let us know your favourite hot spots on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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