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Our Faves from the Spoken Word Challenge on Ummahsonic

During Ramadan we hopped on Snapchat and hit you guys up with a constant flow of gold, offering you tips on making the most of the holy month, takeovers from some funny friends of ours, and a whole host of other laughs. We also set you a challenge or two.

One of them was inspired by the spoken word artists we introduced you to (click here for a refresher on those geniuses). We asked you to have a crack at your own spoken word, or poetry, or verse, or whatever you like to call a string of words that sounds good when you recite it and/or yell it from the rooftops, and to send it in to the site.

You responded. Seriously responded. We got so many submissions that it took incredible manpower to go through all of them. We can only apologise, but we can’t put them all on the blog. Still, we’ve collected some of the best ones below.

(As the submissions arrived in about 9,000 different formats, please give us a shout if we’ve made any mistakes with names or attribution, and we’ll correct immediately. Thanks.)

Here are some of our favourite video submissions:

Someone even slid a bit of spoken word into our DMs. We like their style.

Spoken Word

We also got a lot of poems – full-blown, written poems. Here are some of the best.

Baby steps
To big dreams
And big dreams
Of baby steps

By Madiyah Rana

It’s Ramadan a time of blessings worship and honesty
Good vision words intentions and not just what we eat,
Let it be let it be hotter then the Volcano erupting please
I plead not to just settle with simply modesty
Allah knows our hardship and will reward us for every single deed
Attend prayers read Quran smile all around before you go to sleep
Make dua for yourself family Umah and those in need
Stay awake and raise your hands to Allah to ask for forgiveness please
As he accepts every single one of our prayers in this holy month of Ramadan

By Hikmat Prudence

Garden of the East

A land emerald green which dances with sand golder than gold,
A beryl sun rises in the East and sets a ruby in the West,
Guiding the wayward traveller under the mountains held fast and through the valleys vast, like a sapphire stream flowing between the delicately sculpted ravines,
A Nile of beauty which sustains Mother Earth’s cultural harvest.

By Idris Mohammed

And finally, we received this poetic opus from Yousuf Ahmed…
Ya Allah I’m sorry

I’m sorry ya Allah
For every drop of sharaab,
For everytime I stepped into a bar
For everytime I listened to the whisper of shaytaan
For everytime I didn’t say bismillah
And for everytime I’ve had to say astagfirullah
Ya Allah protect me from the haraam.

For everytime I was selfish instead of selfless
For all the times I forgot that without you I am helpless
I hear beauty in the Quran and it leaves me breathless
But I continue to ignore and continue on a deathwish
Even though I accept that you’re probably not impressed with

Bismillah hirrahmaanirraheem
A’oothubillahi minashaytaanirrajeem
I want to spread dawah and make people see,
That Islam really isn’t what they believe it to be,
But I forget that I must practise what I preach
And for that ya Allah I am sorry.

Ya Allah please keep me away from sin and close to deen.

Qul hu Allahu ahad,
All thanks to Allah for all the chances I’ve had,
And I apologise for taking it for granted and I apologise for being so bad,
Say He is Allah, the One and Only;
And this is what’s mad
Don’t put yourself below me, never ever feel lonely,
Because Allah is everywhere and I don’t need proof for he has already shown me,
He gives me free will despite the fact that he alone owns me
And he alone chose me
For a purpose.

A purpose to worship a purpose to pray,
A purpose to fast and a purpose to say,
Laa ilaaha illAllahu Muhammadorrasulallah every Godblessed day,
A purpose to give salaam and from the haraam we should stay away
A purpose to give zakaat every time we get paid
And to make that mission to the mountain of Arafaat inshallah one day..
Ya Allah please stop the murder and the poverty and the rape…
But wait, we have our own free will and to a certain extent we set our own fate,
So please Allah instead do not allow me to stray so that I too can inshallah enter through your gate on that day.

My mother wants nothing more than the best for me,
You love me 70 times more than she,
So I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve got planned for me,
I call it rizk, some say it to be destiny,
It’s all the same to me,
My mother gave my name to me.
Carried me for 9 months nearly 10 you could say I was a overdue baby,
Subhanallah shukran for the amazing mother that you gave me
She stays by my side daily,
Dad was working hard so she ensured that she raised me,
From 0 – 19 mashallah it’s crazy that lately people don’t respect their mothers but maybe it’s because they’re too lazy and insanely, they don’t realise that their paradise is at the feet of their old lady, mashallah my paradise is at the feet of the woman that made me.
Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem, siraatal latheena an ‘amta’ alayahim, ghayril maghdooby alaayhim…



By Yousuf Ahmed

A BIG THANKS to everyone who took part. It really makes us – and hopefully you – incredibly happy to see so many creative, talented Muslims honing their voice through such a beautiful craft.

Featured imaged credit: Tinto via Flickr.

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