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Exploring The Beauty Of Islamic Paradise Gardens
Exploring The Beauty Of Islamic Paradise Gardens

The gardens celebrate the richness of Islamic culture through the creation of paradise on earth. As part of the show, Don travelled the Islamic world visiting ‘Paradise Gardens’, gardens built …

Islamic History
America’s Islamic Heritage Museum Is Exploring Islam’s Rich History In The Country
America’s Islamic Heritage Museum Is Exploring Islam’s Rich …

America’s Islamic Heritage Museum & Cultural Centre was founded by Amir Muhammad in 1996. It has welcomed upwards of 50,000 through its doors, introducing them to artefacts, photographs and other documents that …

Islamic History
Lest We Forget: Trench Brothers
Lest We Forget: Trench Brothers

Brothers-in-arms from the West Indies, Somalia, India and elsewhere are being honoured by the Trench Brothers project, an initiative that brings the First World War to life for students through …

Islamic History
French Academic Finds Evidence That Islam and Christianity Have a Shared History
French Academic Finds Evidence That Islam and Christianity Have a …

Christie’s are now offering fragments of a historic text proving it in an upcoming auction – the ‘guide price’ is £80,000 to £120,000.

Islamic History
The Sakirin Mosque Is Awesome, and Not Just Because It’s Designed by a Woman
The Sakirin Mosque Is Awesome, and Not Just Because It’…

The Sakirin Mosque, which opened to worshippers back in 2009, was designed by Zeynep Fadilioglu – the first ever woman to design a mosque.

Islamic History
Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, is Finally Getting a …

The animation is inspired by the life of Bilal ibn Rabah, one of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) most trusted companions and the first muezzin in Islam.

Islamic History
Looking Back at the Muslims Who Have won the Nobel …

Many winners of the Nobel Peace prize have been Muslim. To celebrate this week’s festivities, we’re looking at three Muslims who have taken home the gong.

Islamic History
Banu Musa
How the Banu Musa Brothers From Ninth Century Baghdad Laid …

The Banu Musa brothers, scholars from 9th century Baghdad, invented hundreds of devices, many of which set the foundations for modern mechanics.

Islamic History
Playing Cards
Play Your Cards Right (A Brief History of Playing Cards)

Every corner of the globe has had an influence on the history of playing cards, from the Far East to Persian empires; from the Moors to French printmakers.

Islamic History
Teeth Cleaning Miswak has Gone Mainstream Thanks to This Bizarre Advert

While it may be news to a certain Czech company, the Miswak has been used to clean teeth throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa for over 7,000 years.

Islamic History
Offa, King of Mercia, and the UK’s Islamic Coins

Many coins used in England in the Middle Ages contain the Arabic inscription ‘There is no God but Allah alone’. Here’s the story behind this currency.

Islamic History
Abdullah Quilliam and The Story of Britain’s Oldest Mosque

At 8 Brougham Terrace, an unassuming house in the Kensington area of Liverpool, a man called Abdullah Quilliam opened Britain’s first ever mosque in 1889.

Islamic History
Calligraphy and Islam - A Beautiful Relationship

Calligraphy is a sacred art. It was the script first used by Muslim scribes to commit the Qu’ran to paper, as it was deemed worthy of the word of God.

Islamic History
Islamic Medicine: Saving Lives Since the Eighth Century

Following World Health Day last week, let’s explore the pivotal role the ancient Islamic world played in the development of modern healthcare and medicine.

Islamic History
queen elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth I and Islam - A History You’ve …

After the country was shunned by Catholic Europe during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, she turned to an unlikely source to help England: the Islamic world.

Islamic History
Five Extraordinary Women Who Helped Shape Islamic History

Inspirational women have always been a part of Islam, so now we want to go back - way back - and focus on the ladies who helped shape our history.

Islamic History
Who is Halet Çambel, the Female Muslim Fencer Honoured by …

Halet Çambel was a Turkish fencer, archaeologist and pioneering Muslim woman who was honoured by Google Doodle during this year’s International Women’s Day.

Islamic History
Meet The Unsung Muslim Hero Google Honoured Last Week!

Google honoured Abdul Sattar Edhi last week, but most people haven't heard of him. He was an amazing man who founded the world’s largest ambulance service.

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