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Meet the Muslim Vloggers Creating Change Through YouTube

YouTube has carefully selected a group of vloggers whose work fosters productive dialogues about important social issues and many of them are Muslim.

Islamoji: The new Emoji App Tackling a Lack of Representation

Islamoji features images that reflect Muslim people. The aim of the app is simple: to increase representation through a form of communication we all use.

Meet The Muslim Female Entrepreneurs Creating Big Business

We’re turning our attention to Muslim female entrepreneurs, who are showing their entrepreneurial spirit by launching their own businesses.

Muslim Girl Shuts Down Hijab Haters With Text From Her Dad

After a particularly nasty troll tweeted their ‘views’ on the hijab to a Muslim girl, she shut them down by posting a screenshot of a text from her dad.

The Love and Support Shown to the Girl who left …

We look at the great ways communities come together and one great example of this, is the reactions to the Muslim girl who left the letter on the bus.

Flustered EDL Guy Can’t Handle Smiling Face of a Real Brummie

Here is the truth: A Brummie with a Muslim background who’s of Pakistani and Bosnian origin standing up to the far right (EDL) makes us proud to be British.

The Realist, Wokest and Downright Best Reactions to the First …

#MuslimWomensDay took place on 27 March. The campaign was launched by the website Muslim Girl to celebrate the achievements of all Muslim ladies out there.

Mother's Day
Meet the Muslim Women Achieving Their #MumGoals This Mother’s Day

Here are some Muslim mums who are killing this whole parenting thing and posting their success on Instagram under the hashtag #MumGoals. Happy Mother’s Day!

Photographer Behind Pic of ‘Indifferent’ Woman in Hijab Has Spoken …

Jamie Lorriman, the photographer who captured the picture, has come to the woman’s defence and criticised people who accused her of being ‘indifferent’.

Cities Across The Country Pay Tribute To Victims of London …

Towns & cities across the country stand in solidarity with the capital by offering their own tributes to the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack in London.

Muslims Unite to Raise Thousands for Victims of Westminster Attack

A crowdfunding campaign called Muslims United for London has already raised over £9,000 for the victims of yesterday’s tragic terror attack in Westminster.

Londoners Back to Business as Usual Despite Terror Attack

The response to yesterday’s tragic terror attack in Westminster proves that London doesn’t so much as rise out of the ashes as stroll right through them

Tube Signs Show The Best of London Following Terror Attack

Our thoughts are with those affected by yesterday’s tragic events in Westminster, and we stand with all the Londoners by not giving in to fear or division.

Girl Unbound: The Incredible Story of Maria Toorpakai

Maria Toorpakai defied Taliban law in rural Pakistan so she could play squash. The documentary, Girl Unbound: The War to Be Her, tells her remarkable story.

#DearSister - The Muslim Women fed up of Being Told …

In the build up to International Women’s Day, #DearSister started trending as Muslim women described the unreasonable expectations they’ve had to deal with.

More Reasons to Love Mahershala Ali (Even if you Haven't …

The world is crushing on Mahershala Ali right now, and we’re not going to be the crew to hop off this bandwagon. Here are some more reasons to love him.

What’s Moonlight About and Should You See it? (For …

Are you a person who’s heard of the Academy Award winning ‘Moonlight’ star & Muslim Mahershala Ali but not actually seen Moonlight? Then read on, my friend.

Celebrate the Life of Jo Cox at ‘The Great Get Together’

To celebrate the life of the late Labour MP Jo Cox, who was murdered last June, street parties, picnics and bake-offs will be held across the UK this summer