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We Will Stand Together, But This Really hurts.

Featured image credit: Emily Dugan via Twitter.

For the second time in two weeks, we are writing about a tragic terror attack on the streets of Britain. On Saturday night, three terrorists targeted innocent people in London Bridge, killing seven and injuring dozens more.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families, and we extend our utmost gratitude to the emergency services who stopped the rampage within eight minutes.

We’re sure our current feelings are shared by all of you: those of pain, sadness and uncertainty. Yet more than anything, it’s the feeling of exhaustion that hurts the most; the weary sense of grief that hangs in the air when these horrors come within days of each other.

This feeling grinds you down. It’s caused by not only the tragedy itself, but also the aftermath – the opinions, the point-scoring and the pervasive threat of discrimination and Islamophobia that these hateful acts inspire. We know, at its core, the country will rise against such attitudes. But we will not fault anyone who woke up on Sunday worrying about these very things.

When the terrorists drove a van into pedestrians before attacking bystanders in restaurants and bars, the sun had only recently set over the capital. At this moment, the vast majority of British Muslims were breaking their Ramadan fast. We were eating Iftar meals and praying at mosque. We were with our families and communities, all of them expressing their faith during the holiest month of the year.

This is real Islam. We mustn’t let anyone forget this because of the actions of terrorists.

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