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What Muslim Parents Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

They say having babies is challenging. It changes your life. It gives it new meaning. But we think this deal definitely works the other way round, too!

Taking in parental logic can be difficult at the best of times – but when you’re a British Muslim dealing with the pressures of adolescence (take out a violin, guys) motherly and fatherly love can be straight up confusing.

Here are some of our favourite, most-frequented responses from the folks:

What they say: When you ask to go on holiday with your mates and they say insha’Allah (God willing).

What they mean: You’re asking too much. / We’d rather not. / Definitely not.

Inshallah (1)


What they say: Go and ask Mama / Baba.

What they mean: We don’t have the heart to say “no” but the other parent will put you in your place.

DadSaysNo (1)

When they say: What time do you call this?

What they mean: It’s 7pm.

giphy (12)

When they say: How were your exams?

What they mean: I can’t wait for you to become a doctor so I can call up the entire community and let them know.

Actor (1)

When they say: Do whatever you want.

 What they mean: Go to your room, don’t snapchat, and read a book.

giphy (13)

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