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Super Woke and Ultra Cool Vloggers Hijabi Ent. are the Definition of Squad Goals

Above: Hijabi Ent. in full flow.

Seeing as you’re reading Ummahsonic it’s clear you use the internet which means you obviously know what vloggers are and that they are most definitely a thing. Many vloggers talk about gaming. Some vloggers tell about the tea they made this morning. Others sit in front of the camera and cry about girls or boys while even more go through their ‘haul’ they just purchased from Primark / H&M / ASOS blah blah blah.

What we’re trying to get across here, the thing we’re attempting to say, is that most vloggers are actually pretty terrible, with very little to say. This is why we were seriously gassed to discover Hijabi Ent., relative newcomers to the vlogging scene, because they discuss things that matter, in a way that’s casual but not trivial, fun but not dumb, and serious but not sleep-inducing.

Hijabi Ent. is comprised of a group of five Somali girls in Australia. They seem like real mates, not internet mates, and while we rarely toss the term ‘Squad Goals’ around, we’re going out on a limb because this crew is what you’d see if you looked it up in the dictionary.

Their IRL group chats focus on everything from hard-hitting subjects like tribalism, racism and marriage; to lighter stuff like fun games (think silly accents) and left-field challenges (‘NAME THREE ANIMALS IN SOMALI’).

They’ve only been around for two months, but they’ve already cranked out 12 videos and acquired five thousand subscribers. To make it easy for you all, we reckon the best place to jump on the Hijabi Ent. train is at the very start, with their Get to Know Us vlog:

After that, treat yourself to a deep-dive into their vlogs on heavier subjects. We often see issues like race and prejudice discussed in the media, but rarely by the people who these issues actually affect.

While a few too many vlogs have fallen into the makeup tutorial / unboxing sphere of whatevs, Hijabi Ent. prove why the medium is still vital in 2017. Vlogging gives a platform to people who might not otherwise have one. Issues are revealed that we might not otherwise have known about, and they’re tackled in a candid, honest and constructive way.

Go hit subscribe on Hijabi Ent. They’re new here, but well deserving of your attention.

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