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This Syrian Girl is Karate Training in the Middle of Aleppo’s Ruins

Above: Nour practices her karate skills. Credit: Yehya Alrejjo via Facebook: TheSyriaCampaign.

Are you, as an extremely famous song once put it, holding out for a hero? Do you need a figure who can inspire you, motivate you to reach your goals, and perhaps even make you feel a little bad about yourself, obvs so the guilt and shame drives you on to bigger and better things?

If the answer is yes, keep reading. If your answer is no, keep reading anyway, because this stuff is gold. In Aleppo, six-year-old Nour is training to become a Karate champ despite her city being reduced to rubble by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Nour was born in 2011, meaning she’s lived her whole life in the middle of the war that has devastated the country. However, the conflict, which has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions, hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her ultimate goal of becoming a fast-kicking, brick-splitting, one-inch punching kung fu supremo.

With the help of her father, Wassim, Nour practices her moves in the middle of ruins. There are no appropriate training facilities in the bombed-out city, which was recaptured by government forces in 2016, so Nour and Wassim often make do with the space available on the rubble-strewn streets. Fortunately, Wassim usually has the option to coach Nour in the relative safety of a destroyed house he located in Idlib.

Photographer Yehya Alrejjo captured these amazing photos of Nour in action and posted them to his Instagram. Be sure to flick through as it’s one of those new-fangled Instagram album things.

The photos were soon picked up by the Syria Campaign, who shared some more of Nour’s story. It’s an incredible tale of bravery, passion and resilience. We were particularly moved by her father’s unstoppable search to find Nour a karate uniform:

‘When Nour couldn’t find a karate uniform, her father never stopped searching until he finally found the perfect one in a second-hand store. He used what was left of his savings to buy her the uniform, insisting that she have something that would make her happy. She says it was one of the best gifts she ever received.’

Check out the full post below:

After all that her family have been through, we reckon rising to the rank of a black belt Karate champ will be a snip for Nour.

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