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Summer Means Sunshine… and Exam Results

It’s hard to decide whether to have chill vibes or heart palpitations over the summer period. The sun has been shining, but the future is looming with exam results on their way.

Gathering plenty of experience

It’s so important to take advantage of the long holiday to gather some work experience (and it’s pretty standard these days). Go the extra mile to find a week or two at an office, retail store or a more adventurous place of your choice. Offer to volunteer at a charity or not-for-profit organisation. It’s not too late to find something.

Employers often appreciate the extra help and it means you can understand different types of jobs from the inside. It also looks great on your CV that you used your leisurely time to gain some extra skills.

Life after A-Level results

For those of you who’ve just received your A-Level exam results, congratulations and do not stress! It may feel like your life is decided, but the truth is there are many paths ahead.

Speaking to teachers and considering re-sitting exams is not the end of the world. Students always do better the second time round and it gives you a chance to re-focus. You could also think about doing BTECs and OCR Nationals which are recognised by many employers and can also get you into university.

Clearing options are now open, so if you didn’t get through to your universities of choice, you can explore what’s available through Clearing and choose another option.

Apprenticeships are also a very established way of gaining professional qualifications, work experience and a salary, so have a look to see what employers are looking for apprentices.

GCSE results next week!

With GCSE results out next Thursday, 25th August, be present on results day so you can speak to your teachers.

For English and maths, you should aim for a C grade no matter what your future plans, as these are considered minimum requirements. If there’s a subject you want to go further into in the future, then you need to do well in these subjects too. Think about what subjects you’re really passionate about. Universities are taking a closer look at GCSE results than before.

If you’re unsure about a result, or you’ve narrowly missed a grade, you can get it remarked by the exam board. If that doesn’t work out, then you can retake the exam too. You might be allowed the chance to re-sit GCSEs while doing A-Levels, but be aware that A-Levels are quite tough and you’ll have to juggle.

Maybe there’s a subject you didn’t expect to do so well in? Think about changing your options if you make a new discovery about yourself.

If you want to continue with A-Levels but you’re completely unsure about subjects, think about doing ‘facilitating’ subjects like sciences, English, geography, history, maths or languages, which will keep your options open for further study and employment.

Good luck with the results and we hope the rest of your summer is productive!

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