In Praise of the Snapchat Hot Dog: The Hero We All Need (and Deserve)

Above: The Hot Dog comes in many forms.

We live in an age of uncertainty. Every day, the news greets us with stories of political upheaval, tales of social strife and viral videos of animals you wouldn’t expect to be friends actually being very good friends indeed.

We are bodies made of carbon and blood and bone, shadowboxing our way through time as a technological wave of our own making steers us towards obsolescence. We are lost. We need a guide – nay, a hero – to pull us from the churn and right us on the path to breakdancing and good laughs. Luckily, we were given one this past month.

Step forward the Snapchat hot dog filter! Yeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhh boooooooooooooi.

But who is this dancing king in casing? Our number #1 in a bun? Well, he’s a breakdancing hot dog who wears headphones and he exists as an augmented reality filter in Snapchat. That means it looks as if he’s really dancing in the real world when you view him on the screen. Genius.

But then you already knew that, because while he’s slowly losing his sizzle (soooorry), he was absolutely everywhere at the beginning of July. Thanks to the way he seamlessly busted a move into our lives, he became one of the greatest meme-subjects of modern times. Let’s happily look back at some of them.

Naturally, being Ummahsonic, we were most excited about the potential of the Muslim take on the hot dog meme frenzy. Largely thanks to the good work of the people over on Halal Memes for Jannah Minded Teens, we were not disappointed:

One thing is clear. No matter who you are, brother Hot Dog was always there; ready and willing to break out his same two dance moves to distract you from the pressures of every day life.

Don’t worry. We don’t actually think that the Snapchat hot dog is going to bring about world peace or cure cancer. However, we do think there’s a lot of value in his recent meme-based fame. The news hasn’t exactly been littered with positive stories these past few months, and over a difficult summer, dancing hot dog – baffling, brilliant, hypnotic, super-weird – has somehow become a bright spot; one that seems to have transcended age, background, country and culture to make people the world over laugh.

This is evident in the memes above, which are all still solid gold and well worth a share.

Snapchat Hot Dog probably won’t be around for much longer – these things tend to burn brightly (on our smartphone screens) then disappear as fast as they came about. But when we look back on July, we can remember him for the welcome comic relief his moves brought us this summer.

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