Six Simple Steps to Becoming a Professional Vlogger

The year is 2017. Which means that, apart from the usual aspirations (famous pop star or champion athlete), everyone wants to be a vlogger.

In case you’ve just come back from a long-term prison sentence or have just recovered from a five-year coma, we’ll explain what a vlog is. It’s a video where you log your life. And a professional vlogger is someone who creates vlogs and uploads them to the internet. For a job.

Any job that doesn’t require you to get out of your PJs sounds good to us, but how do you get started? Here’s six simple steps to becoming the next big YouTube hit.

Think of an Interesting Topic to Talk About

This is the most important step to becoming a fully-fledged YouTuber. Because it doesn’t matter how many videos you are bringing out, or how awesome you are at presenting them, if you’re talking about something that nobody cares about you won’t get far.

Remember that what you think is an amazingly interesting topic might not be one to your audience. That’s why a channel about the best Tesco meal deals (totally a halal chicken sandwich, packet of cheese and onion Walkers and an orange juice btw) would fall flat on its face.

Set up a YouTube Account and Come up with a Catchy Name

Once you’ve set up a YouTube account you need to start thinking about your vlogging name. Remember a memorable title could well be the difference between your audience giving you the precious views or scrolling on to the next cute cat vid.

Make Five Cool Videos to Kick off Your Channel

Now the hard work begins. Make five interesting videos to kick off your channel and start to post one a day. Congratulations, you are now a vlogger. But becoming a pro is going to be a little harder than that. 

Make Sure You’re Active and Consistent

Consistency is very important in this game. If you give your audience one video a day that is exactly what they are going to expect from you. If you take a week off don’t expect all your followers to be there when you get back. 

Communicate with Your Followers

If there’s one thing in life that absolutely nobody likes, it’s stubbing your little toe or the sound of your morning alarm. And being ignored. Your audience are no different. So, make them feel valued by responding to their comments and requests for videos on certain topics.

Be Patient

Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day and you’re not going to get millions of followers in a few weeks. Like anything worth doing, becoming a pro vlogger is going to take a lot of hard work. And a little bit of luck, but that usually comes with hard work.

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