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6 Prayer Hacks Every Muslim Should Know About

Dealing with the practical perplexity of five daily prayers can turn you into a something of an astrologist studying the skies for dawns and sunsets. Or it might just send you into frantic mode, running around the town in search of one-metre squared spaces at least three of those times per day. Most people you ask won’t even have heard of a prayer room!

So we’ve put together a few of our favourite tips around this puzzle:

1. Lost your wudhu throughout the day (we won’t tell)?
It’s sometimes hard to find the facilities to do your pre-prayer wash. If you’re using the loo, carry a squirty-type sports bottle. If people stare at you freakishly when you enter a cubicle, tell them you get thirsty at time of peeing!

2. Re-doing your wudhu in a public washroom and making a waterfall out of it?
It’s hard not to splash everywhere when you’re washing your arms and wiping your feet. So if people find the whole thing rather bizarre (they probably will) then tell them you’re re-creating a scene from the Ghoulies film. Once you’ve finished, remove your mini-puddle using a dry cloth.

3. Have trouble waking for Fajr (morning) prayer?
Drink loads of water before you sleep the night before. You’ll be bursting for the toilet before dawn. That should pull you outta bed!

4. Out shopping during the day?
You can do your Thuhr and Asr afternoon prayers in… a changing room! Quiet, clean and peaceful. Probably best not to stare at new clothes while doing this.

5. Travelling?
Prayers can be shortened and combined. What a blessing. Praying in an open space like a beach by the sea or a field of green can be quite spiritually refreshing.

6. Too close to other humans and want to have a safe space to pray?
We’ve all been there. Find a bunch of friends and get them to stand around you in a circle. No one will ever know who is at the centre and what is going on. Unless you’re 6’10.

Daily prayers – achieved!

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