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Interview with Kahmal Sealey

Ramadan can be difficult when you have to concentrate at school, but what happens when you’re one of only two Muslims in a sixth form of 400 pupils in Norwich?

Ask the Imam

Finding the right balance between work, school, and fasting isn’t easy, but Imam Abdul Hamid says that with the right mindset anything is possible.

Interview with Sabirul Islam

Sabirul Islam wrote his first book when he was fourteen. Although he was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was young, this hasn’t stopped him from forging a career as an inspirational entrepreneur.

Muslim Soldiers

How does Ramadan affect British Muslim soldiers? We ask the first ever Imam to the armed forces, Asim Hafiz.

Quran in a Minute

Life is all about balance, especially during this Holy Month. Imam Abdul Hamid explains how to achieve this in your work, education and family life.