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Yusura Warsama

Performance poet, actor and writer, Yusura Warsama has collaborated with Skinnyman and Mad Flow on a spoken word piece to commemorate the abolition of slavery and is in the studio today to discuss what Black History Month means to her, and how her Somali heritage has influenced her work.

Meet The Parents

Sakinah is joined in the studio by her parents, who tell the story of how they came to the UK and how they adapted to their new home. She finds out a lot that she never knew before, emphasising how important it is for all of us to know where we’ve come from.

Manchester: What's Hot, What's Not

We’re celebrating Black History Month, but what does it mean to be black, British and Muslim in the UK, and how important is it to recognise our history? We took our roving microphone out on the streets, and this is what you had to say.