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Ruqsana Begum interview

One of the UK’s most renowned athletes, atom weight British and European kickboxing champion, and the number one contender to the world championship, Ruqsana Begum is in the studio to discuss how she trains and keeps fit during Ramadan.

Abdullah’s Challenge

When fasting is there a right time to train? How do you keep fit and prevent piling on the pounds during Ramadan? We’ve sent Abdullah down to the gym to pick up some pointers from personal trainer Mosen.

Qur’an in a Minute

Can our resident Imam Abdul Hameed summarise the Qur’an in just sixty seconds? Is he up to the challenge?

Ramadan in Norway

In the north of Norway the sun never sets during the summer months. It’s not called the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothing, but how do you fast during daylight hours, when it’s daylight 24/7? We’re joined on the phone by Imam Yasir Fawzi who lives in Norway and explains how it’s done.