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Interview with Prince Abdi

Our first guest is none other than award-winning comedian Prince Abdi, whose appearances on Laughter Shock, the French Festival, Comedy Central and the Comedy Store have elevated him into the top tier of stand up comedians. Just don’t ask him to eat a chicken burger for breakfast.

Persephone’s Story

21-year-old Persephone graduated last year and took her shahada and came to Islam only seven months’ ago. Although she says she’s done two Ramadan practice runs, this will be her first ‘real’ one. Brought up in a Christian household we chat with her and her parents about this momentous moment in her life.

Qur’an in a minute

Abdul Hameed, a 26-year-old Imam from Leicester, explains what fasting is really about. Empathising with those who are poor through fasting is just one of the benefits of fasting, but Abdul argues that the objective is rather different.

Adam Saleh

Vlogging or V-Logging? Whichever way you describe it, New Yorker Adam Saleh is an Internet sensation having amassed a staggering 78 million views. We caught up with him on a flying visit to the UK, to pose the question: "You know it’s Ramadan when…”