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Sadia Azmat - Just For Laughs

How do you go from working in a call centre to being a stand up comedian? It’s not easy, especially if you’re a Muslim and a woman, but Sadia Azmat has overcome many obstacles to make her mark in what is traditionally a very white, male environment. She tells us how…

Saif Adam - Nasheeds

It takes a lot of courage to turn your back on a burgeoning mainstream music career where hanging out with the likes of Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran is the norm, and embrace the world of nasheeds, but that’s exactly what Saif Adam has done. He explains to us why he made the transition.

Agony Auntie

We’re joined by ‘Auntie’, who’s here to listen to your problems, concerns and worries. She’s on hand to lend sage advice on how to overcome the trials and tribulations of modern day life. She sounds remarkably like Sadia if you ask us! Surely not?