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Qur’an in a Minute

Our resident Imam Abdul Hameed reflects on the Holy Month in a personal message to Allah.

Haroon Mota Interview

Marathon runner, mountaineer, and charitable fundraiser, Haroon Mota is force of nature having raised over £20,000 for orphan projects for Islamic Relief. Seemingly fazed by nothing, having climbed Snowdonia and Mount Everest base camp, this intrepid lover of the outdoors discusses what Ramadan means to him.

Abdullah’s Challenge

Keeping with the ‘Good Deeds’ theme of today’s show Abdullah’s challenge is to see how many good deeds he can perform in the space of two minutes on the streets of London. The clock’s ticking, but will that lady let him carry her luggage down the stairs?

You Know It’s Ramadan When…

What are the key indicators that Ramadan is upon us? Empty chicken shops, and people acting nicer are just two indicators that the Holy Month is upon us, according to our voxpops, but there are more…