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Giving up Bad Habits

Did you know it takes 8 days to become addicted to something, and 21 days to break that habit? Ramadan is 30 days long, so you do the maths. If you’re a smoker, you can give up during Ramadan. What other bad habits can you consign to history during the Holy Month.

Mahbub Choudhury Interview

Mahbub is a development coach and motivational speaker, who knows all about what it takes to ditch a bad habit. He argues that in order to succeed you need to replace that habit with something way more positive to fill the void.

Abdullah’s Challenge

Heads buried in phones, and tablets all day, every day, won’t help you connect with God during Ramadan. Can Abdullah discard technology for a day and find his way to an iftar in Alexandra Palace?

Qur’an in a Minute

Today Imam Abdul Hameed looks at the thorny issue of smoking and how it’s haram all the year round, not only during Ramadan.

Ask the Imam

Many of our listeners have contacted us with burning questions for our resident Imam, so here are his answers.