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Ramadan Rookies

What’s it like to take part in your first Ramadan? Is there a way to prepare for the Holy month, or do you just have to get on with it, with support from your friends and family? Persephone catches up with her friend Richelle who recently converted to Islam and asks how she’s finding it.

Qur’an in a minute

Today Imam Abdul Hamid gives advice to first-timers and admits that Ramadan can be a struggle, but it’s a struggle that will make us stronger.

Joy Suaiso interview

19-year-old Joy recently converted to Islam. From a Filipino-Christian background, she found herself being drawn into a world of clubbing when she turned eighteen, but felt there was more to life than this. Her story is one of a journey of discovery.

Ramadan Confessions

We’re only human! Whether by design or genuine mistake, we hear how some of our brothers and sisters have strayed from the path during Ramadan.