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The Story Of Eid

The ‘festival of Sacrifice’ is not only about food. It’s a time when we reflect on the sacrifice that the prophet Ibrahim made.

Where Does Our Meat Come From?

Few of us have a handy sheep tethered in the garden that we can slaughter for Eid, so we rely on our meat from other sources. Willowbrook Farm is just one of those places…

Fashion On A Budget

Getting a new wardrobe together for Eid needn’t break the back as blogger, designer, and fashion guru Bubblegum Hijab finds out as she trawls through the bargains to create a distinct look for the Festival.

Who could resist?

Eid al-Adha is upon us, so we took to the streets to find out what this time of celebration meant to you guys. It seems that you’re looking forward to food, new clothes and money!

Bubblegum Hijab picks out some cute new threads.

Cute and tasty.