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Ben Wilson interview

We’re joined in the studio by the author of ‘Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape’ - Ben Wilson. Although not a Muslim, as a personal trainer he was inspired by one of his Muslim clients to fast for the first week of Ramadan. Here he explains the benefits of fasting and how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle once Ramadan is over.

What’s Healthy to Eat?

London’s Lower Marsh Street is home to a myriad of exotic food stalls, so we head down there and find Amir who sells falafel sandwiches. What’s his advice on eating healthy?

Vox Pops

How do we combine fasting with staying healthy? Some of us want to binge eat each night when we break our fast, so we took to the streets to see how you guys stay healthy during this Holy month.

Qur'an in a Minute

Abdul Hamid, our resident Imam, reminds us that the Qur’an states that we should ‘Eat from those things which are wholesome and pure’, which rules out fried chicken and chips…