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The Young Muslim Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram #9

Featured image credit: Sara Shakeel via Glamour

In the Autumn of last year, Sara Shakeel posted an image of a collage she made on her Instagram. It featured a hand holding a bundle of MAC lipsticks, each with a cut diamond protruding from the end. The internet, amazed at the prospect of this highly valuable – though presumably useless – beauty product, flipped its collective lid.

The pic quickly spread across Instagram, Pinterest and blogs the world over, which resulted in Shakeel’s IG gaining 11,000 followers in one night.

. . . Before i say anything the rightful photographer should be liked first she is tagged.. i just wonder where did all the hate come from…. Instagram deleted this picture of mine cause all thanks to a few who couldn't stand my picture being shared ….cause photoshop aint right? Why all the hate? Firstly let me come clear . 1. I am a COLLAGE ARTIST i make art out of art. . 2. I take pictures out of flicker, tumbler & pinterest i google them up and sadly most of them dont show the real owners therefore i sadly make an art and wait for the rightful owner. Till than i make sure that people know i am a COLLAGE ARTIST. Please google what that means!! If collage art was such a crime… than…. how many artists would go down….. please get your facts straight. Please 🙏 . 3. Yes i am bad with photoshop… infact i suck at it… happy? I am a dentist by profession , i never took this way of life just because i wanted to be FAMOUS. No i did this because i was going through a lot in life and editing …. cut paste a picture would make me the happiest girl on gods earth……. do you have a problem with me being happy? If i take a picture make something new out of it…. and it makes a few 100 happy too…. do you guys get so unhappy about it? . . 4th… from now onwards i would actually say i am less of a collage artist… more of a CLEVER ARTIST. Yes i have a million dollar idea i make art out of it…. the art sucks … it has a few glitches but guess what!!! People get the message… they love it…. why would you care if my photoshop was not on point….😐😳😳😳 Some of you guys exhaust me…. dont follow me or like me if you cant appreciate…. or like my work. I was happy with a few 100 followers i swear i was…. i need good vibes in my life… not this… . . All of the pictures that you see is my art. My imagination … my creativity! Respect it… and ill respect you too. Or please leave…. dont make me unhappy. I beg of you guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏 . . #collage #art #peace #love #happiness #nofame #nolove #simple #creativity #edit #lipsticks #crystal #whyjealous #jealous #nohate #stophate #happiness #collageart #graphic #graphicdesign #digitalpainting

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Unsurprisingly, the image wasn’t real. But like most of Shakeel’s work, it is a very cool re-working of an original photo (Shakeel actually had to remove the collage after she first posted it, as the makeup artist behind the original photo didn’t approve – but that’s a story you can read in the above caption).

Shakeel is a Pakistan-based artist who ditched a career in dentistry to create contemporary, multi-layered collages that subvert the typical images you’d find in glossy fashion and lifestyle mags.

What results is diamond-laced sunglasses on the faces of models, diamonds foaming over the top of Starbucks frappuccinos, sci-fi scenes in suburban settings, flying human figures with butterfly wings and, in one particularly memorable post, Kim Kardashian’s notorious crying face crying a river of crystals. Explaining her work to Glamour, Shakeel said: ‘I want people to connect to their emotions, their inner child.’

If looking at Shakeel’s Instagram has inspired your inner-child to create their own collages, then it’s clearly worked. However, we can’t guarantee 11,000 Instagram followers in one night if you do. Sorry.

Check out some of our faves below:

If you like what you see, be sure to hit follow on Sara Shakeel’s Instagram.

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