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Recapping Our Ramadan Snapchat Takeovers! Part 1: Chunkz + Ali iSwift

Because it’s pretty much the best account in the world, we’re fairly certain that you’re already following Ummahsonic on Snapchat – as you know, the username is sc: ummahsonic – but if for some reason you’re not, like if you dropped your phone in the toilet or whatever, we wanted to bring you up to speed with all of our Ramadan Snapchat action. On our Snapchat account. Username: ummahsonic. Thanks.

For each week of the holy month we handed our Snapchat reins to some of our favourite YouTubers, comedians, bloggers and vloggers, all of whom were experts when it came to filters, stories, screenshots and – thanks to our incredible connects in the world of tech – the new Snapchat spectacles.

Why did we do it? Well, so you could see how they observed Ramadan, and so they could support you throughout the holy month. Our first two takeovers were handled by Chunkz and Ali iSwift – check out some of their highlights below.


YouTuber/Comedian/Good at Social Media guy Chunkz kicked off Ramadan by handling the Ummahsonic Snapchat duties. Say hello Chunkz:

When Chunkz described the #struggles of fasting, he really spoke for a lot of people as he mourned the food he’s under-appreciated over the years *sheds tear for burger eaten in 2008*

And we really felt his pain when he walked by the pizza place…

Jokes aside, he also used the 10 second slices to drop a few facts about the true meaning of Ramadan:

In one of our favourite moments from his takeover, he even convinced a non-Muslim friend to fast for a day:

Shouts to Michael, it looked like he was really hurting:

After Chunkz wrapped up week one, the Ummahsonic Snapchat controls were handed over to YouTuber Ali iSwift. How would he cope with such responsibility?

Ali iSwift

In short, really well. Ali was jokes, and he even took our gag about him looking like Ralph Macchio in his stride. Which was cool of him because, honestly, we’re usually funnier than that, but when you bring the banter as much as us sometimes you have to resort to the B-material.

See. He def thought it was funny.

Anyways, we were big fans of the advice Ali gave one Ummahsonic follower about trying to get to sleep. Lol:


We’re not sure if the advice was effective, but it made for a great snap.

Thanks for your time Chunkz and Ali. We know we’re not alone when we say that your snaps provided a much needed laugh during the tougher points of Ramadan.

Here are their crucial details:

Chunkz: YouTube / Snapchat

Ali iSwift: YouTube / Snapchat

Check back soon when we’ll fondly look back on our last two Snapchat takeovers, courtesy of Saimasmileslike and BubbleGumHijab.

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