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Recapping Our Ramadan Snapchat Takeovers! Part 2: BubbleGumHijab + Saimasmileslike

The last two weeks of Ramadan saw our Snapchat fall under the spell of a pair of YouTubers, vloggers, and all-round content supremos (you can check out our first two takeovers here). First, BubbleGumHijab took control of our account in week three; before Saimasmileslike rounded off our Snapchat takeovers.

Here are some of their highlights.


We can’t think of an internet platform that BubbleGumHijab isn’t an expert in. Seriously, she’s got some of the slickest social channels you’ll see, as well as a pretty tidy website + online shop. When she agreed to take over our Snapchat we were pretty gassed, as we knew it would be very, very good.

We were right. BubbleGum hit all the right notes on SC, talking about everything from faith to beauty to travel to current events. We loved her 10 seconds on why she loves Islam – filmed on our Snapchat spectacles, no less:

And we paused to reflect when she visited the tributes laid out to the victims of the London Bridge attack:

There was one 12 hour stretch where BubbleGum stopped snapping. Usually, we wouldn’t think twice about this, but when you’re as good at SC as BGH your downtime doesn’t tend to last this long. As it turns out, she was on a flight to Kuala Lumpur, meaning the Ummahsonic Snapchat briefly turned into one of those extremely FOMO-inducing accounts. Check it:

The view from her apartment wasn’t bad either:

As glorious as her trip abroad looked, we know which snap was our favourite: The clip of her removing a tipped over Waitrose trolley from the road:

BubbleGumHijab: The beauty blogger cleaning up these streets.

For the final week of Ramadan, the password to Ummahsonic’s Snapchat, like a precious gem or family heirloom, was entrusted into the capable hands of Saimasmileslike. These are some of her highlights:


Anyone who follows Saima’s Snapchat knows she’s just like that one friend at school who’s not only good academically but also really cool and funny and nice to everyone she meets. Saima’s snaps were just the thing to lighten our mood, especially when a particularly trying Ramadan month got a bit overwhelming.

We were especially fond of her message in the wake of the London Bridge attack:

With the help of our Snapchat spectacles, she introduced us to the groundbreaking phenomenon ‘Snapception’.

Saima also brightened up people’s iftars with her delicious recipes. We haven’t tried them yet ourselves, but thanks to these screengrabs we plan to whip up a batch of brownies and just, how do you put it, go crazy on them:


Also, she happily agreed to rock our Ummahsonic snapback. And who can blame her? That thing makes a Supreme capsule collection look like the bargain bucket at Primark.

Massive props to Saimasmileslike, be sure to give her follow:

Speaking of which, here are their crucial details:

BubbleGumHijab: YouTube / Snapchat

Saimasmileslike: YouTube / Snapchat

We’d like to extend a big thank you to all of the talented creators who took over our Snapchat during Ramadan. We’d also like to give a shout out to everyone who follows our account – tell your friends, your colleagues, your mum, basically anyone you know, to give us a follow on sc: ummahsonic.

We hope you all had a blessed Ramadan.

One last thing…

Over Ramadan, you may have noticed the incredible date-based puns we were dishing out during the holy month. If not, here’s a choice selection below:

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