It’s Raining in August and Summer is Over :’( Here’s How to Stay Positive

Above: A typical summer day in London. Credit: Garry Knight via Flickr.

Isn’t the UK great? We invented Ribena and Young Persons Railcards and the word ‘wasteman’. If that wasn’t good enough, about once every three decades we’re treated to a summer where it’s not a total rain soaked washout.

Sadly, 2017 did not provide us with one of those summers. If you’re currently in a position where you can turn your head and look out of a window, you will probably notice that it’s raining. A lot. Seeing as you’re trapped on the British Isles, where rain is as regular as the tick of a clock, this wouldn’t usually be an issue. But as it’s the middle of August you’d hope we’d at least get through the last month of summer free from the misery of torrential downpours. Alas, we will not.

But do not fear. As a prominent + inspirational voice in the Muslim youth online community, we feel it is our duty to cheer you up when things are looking bleak. So before you sell your dad’s car on Gumtree to fund your last minute emigration to whichever foreign land has the most sun-drenched forecast, take heed of our tips on staying positive during the premature death of summer 2017.

Look Back


One of the best ways to stem the tide of bad vibes that miserable summer rain ushers in is to reflect on all the good stuff that happened this year. Maybe you got a new job or absolutely merked your younger brother on FIFA. Perhaps you narrowly avoided a 2.2 in your degree or your cat got famous from a viral video.

If none of these things are even close to applicable to you, then maybe it’s best to look back to the beginning of summer, to Ramadan. Are you still polishing the qualities you tried to focus on during the holy month? Have you continued to improve yourself, look out for others, and move closer to God? We reckon you have, and remembering all this is sure to cheer you up. Plus, if summer rain is the worst of your troubles, then you really can count yourself lucky.

Look Forward


Be sure to look ahead.

What’s that? Over there on the horizon?! Could it be….your future!!! That’s right, even in the midst of the fun-paralysis of summer downpours, the relentless march of time continues unabated. So rather than dwell on how this cursed island has condemned you to another August spent watching Netflix and resetting your modem (WiFi is spotty when it rains, everyone knows that), you should instead focus on all the joys that await you down the line.

Maybe you’re moving into sixth form. Perhaps you’re going to your top choice university or starting a dream job. Could the latter third of 2017 even see you monetise your fledgling makeup vlog through the lucrative business of sponsored content?!?! Almost anything is possible in the future.

Rather than wallow in the perpetual grey of British skies, start planning how you’re going to make September and beyond the best six months of your life. BTW, if none of the above seem fun, make a pledge to pray more, help others and support those who are less fortunate. It’s an easy route to upping your mood.

Be Practical

If the summer downpour has thrown you out of whack, then centre yourself through practicalities. For example, you’ll have no reservations about wearing modest clothes during August when it’s this cold. Great. You won’t be tempted to miss mosque on a warm Friday evening when it’s a full-on monsoon outside. Even better. You can’t mourn summer 2017 when there were only three days of sun *insert thinking guy tapping head meme*. WE HAVE A WINNER.

Eid al-Adha is Only a Couple of Weeks Away

The hajj eid (we reckon that’s the easiest way to describe it) gives us the opportunity to be generous to our friends, family and those who are less fortunate – as well as have a good time. Despite the rain, Eid al-Adha is definitely something to look forward to.

Lastly, Rain is a Blessing!

In a world where millions suffer from drought and food shortages, remember, rain is a blessing. There are many verses in the Qu’ran which describe rain for what it is: a life-giver, vital to the growth and preservation of almost everything we need to exist.

So even if rain ruins your weekend picnic, try to be happy it’s falling.

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