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Pride 2017 and the Importance of Bringing People Together

Featured image credit: Sadiq Khan via Twitter.

Last weekend, around a million people took to the streets of central London to celebrate Pride 2017.

Since 1972, the Pride parade has served as an enormous celebration for the capital’s – well, the world’s – lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities. No matter your sexual orientation, gender, appearance or religion, Pride will welcome you, which is probably why it’s become such an enduring symbol of London’s open and inclusive nature.

The past few months have been incredibly tough for London. The news cycle has been dominated by tragedy, as well as by the hateful acts that have attempted to drive divisions between us. No one could be blamed for feeling a sense of unease as we reach the height of summer.

However, events like Pride London prove that these awful moments are just that – moments: Rare anomalies that don’t have a chance when confronted by London’s welcoming spirit.

On Saturday, the roads around Trafalgar Square said hello to LGBTQ Christians, Muslims, politicians, Olympic medallists, police, rugby players and everyone in between; the streets were lined with rainbows and even the drab escalators of the underground turned multicolour. We’re sure there’s still a few bits of glitter knocking about, too.

In the midst of all this, a woman proposed to her partner – an on duty police woman – who said yes, and another copper entertained the crowd with his guitar. Sadiq Khan was there and so were a few Minions (they’re everywhere).

We’ve hopped around Twitter to find some of our favourite images from the event. Check it out:

While Pride is an event that celebrates the LGBTQ community, it’s arguably become even more vital to all of us given recent times. It sets the perfect example of the attitude we should all hold: One of openness, inclusion and – perhaps most importantly – a determination to have a really good time.

Remember, choose love everyone, and always look out for the people around you – no matter who they are.

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