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Our Presenters in the Ramadan Zone

Our slick, chic, super hip presenters are currently in the Ramadani zone, their talented souls strong and unshaken under the force of the fasting month!

As well as interviewing our guests for the weekly podcasts and continuing to be amazing, here they tell us about their personal encounters with Ramadan.


How do you resist temptation during Ramadan?

During Ramadan you are bestowed with an extra strength that is not seen in any other month, so that strength allows you to deal with temptations a lot easier. You’re headstrong and heart-strong, so any temptations that come your way, you are able to bat them away.

What are your Ramadan distractions?

My phone is my distraction. I don’t watch TV during Ramadan, but when I’m tired or on the train, the phone tries to tempt me. Whether that’s social media or shopping. To combat that I’ve decided to turn my phone off from Asr to Maghrib (afternoon to evening prayer) and that time is dedicated to Quran.

What are your tips for staying motivated during Ramadan?

Plan your day! Don’t go a day without planning in how you are placing Allah into your life. Whether that be staying a little extra longer on the prayer mat, or perhaps putting a dua (supplication) list together so that you don’t forget anything important. Also be around your community, go to talks and go to events, so that you keep that Ramadan motivation.

What is a typical day like for you during Ramadan?

I wake up in the morning and give the house a clean. Then I get some work done, and then pray dhuhr prayer (noon prayer), followed by reading of the Qur’an and dhikr (remembrance of God) for an hour. Then I have a qaylula (nap). I wake up and start cooking and preparing for iftar. Then in the period from Asr to Maghrib I turn off my phone and do extra prayers. This Ramadan I’ve also taken up some extra activities of sewing, gardening, reading and playing my guitar more often.

What food do you recommend eating during iftar?

This Ramadan I’ve gone vegetarian, so I’ve been eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and I’ve made different soups every day. It’s made me feel soo good this Ramadan. I love lentil soup!

How do you think you’ll change most during Ramadan?

Well, I hope that this Ramadan will allow me to fully reap the benefits of the holy month. I hope to have better control of my ego and to be more aware of what I put in my mouth, i.e. food, but also what comes out of my mouth, so I want to be more weary of the conversations that I’m involved in, including backbiting and useless conversations. I want to come out of Ramadan aware: aware of myself, aware of my religion and aware of the world I’m in.


How do you resist temptation during Ramadan?

By staying in a constant state of ablution, it keeps one GPS-conscious, and this ensures that I am consciously thinking about every decision and action I take, so that I avoid un-Islamic environments and activities, so preventing me from being placed under unnecessary temptations.

 What are your Ramadan distractions?

Writing poetry.

What are your tips for staying motivated during Ramadan?

Immerse yourself in community. Feel the Ramadan atmosphere.

What is a typical day like for you during Ramadan?

I wake up for food and prayer in the early hours of the morning. Then I get some more sleep before the day starts. Then I’m off to work, whatever and wherever that might be. Then in what would have been my lunch break, I spend more time praying or I take a power nap. Then after work, I chill out and watch a lecture or informative documentary. Maybe write some poetry. Then I’m off to the mosque at 8pm for an evening of prayer, a short talk, community and food! Then I’m back home for sleep at 11pm.

 What food to do recommend eating during iftar?

Tuna salad! Swear by it. All the nutrients needed in the salad, lean protein with tuna, which will release energy slowly throughout the day, and will help with keeping hydrated the next day too.

 How do you think you’ll change most during Ramadan?

I will be a lot more selfless and patient with people and life itself. I hope to be less attached to worldly things.So these two have certainly been busy creating their Ramadan routines and quirks! We wish them well, and all of you too. Why not tweet / message us a sample of your Ramadan challenges?


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