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Fashion & Beauty
Muslim Men’s Fashion of Instagram (Because it’s Time to Give the Best Dressed Guys Some Love)
Muslim Men’s Fashion of Instagram (Because it’s Time …

On one of our recent forays around Instagram we stumbled on two blogs that we deem worthy of your attention: Muslim Men's Fashion and Muslim Man Style.

Food & Health
How to Eat Well and Keep it Halal When You’…

Being a student on a shoestring budget doesn’t mean plain noodles and tap water for the rest of your education. Here’s how to eat right at university.

All-Muslim Women’s Team in Leicester Welcomes Lift on Hijab …

The news is great for the global game. It’s even better for the Leicester Falcons, an all-female, all-Muslim team who formed in response to the rule change.

Food & Health
Feed the Lion
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #9 Feed the Lion

If you’re familiar with the world of halal food blogs, you’ve probably heard of Feed the Lion. The website is a blogging monster with a terrific Instagram.

Muna Jama
Muna Jama Talks Islam, Somalia and why Her Story is …

We recently sat down with Muna Jama to talk about bikinis at Miss Universe, her late grandmother and her life-changing trip to Somalia.

A Muslim Fan of the New Zealand Rugby Team Made …

Rehana Ali explained how it was important for Muslims to be visible in a multicultural country like New Zealand, whether they’re fans of rugby or not.

These are the Apps You Need if You’re Studying at University

Having a hard time getting it together at university? These apps will give you the skills you need to go from unimpressive undergrad to A-grade academic.

Cut From the Same Cloth: A Collection of Essays Penned …

Edited by Sabeena Akhtar, Cut From the Same Cloth will give a voice to hijabis who are often the subject of discussions led by everyone except hijabis.

Kobe Subramaniam’s Photos of Eid al-Adha in Ghana are Incredible

During the recent celebrations for Eid al-Adha, Kobe Subramaniam shot a few pics at Central Mosque in Cape Coast, Ghana. They’re sunny, vibrant and joyous.

Fashion & Beauty
Fenty Beauty
Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Makeup Line is Taking Over Instagram

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup line is setting a new industry standard in terms of inclusivity, and we are here to tell you that we are big fans.

Thousands Attend Book Festival at Mosul Library That was Destroyed by ISIS
Thousands Attend Book Festival at Mosul Library That was Destroyed …

Earlier this month, the rejuvenation of the library reached another important milestone: an estimated 4,000 people attended a book festival at the site.

Fashion & Beauty
Fashion Week
Revisiting Our Favourite Looks From London Fashion Week

We’ve scoured social media for some of our favourite looks from London Fashion Week.

Food & Health
Halal Food
Halal Food Instagram Heroes #8 Makan Inda Beranti

Our next HFIH features Makan Inda Beranti, an Instagram run by ‘Two hungry Bruneians on the search of halal restaurants & good food in London (& Brunei)’.

Food & Health
Halal Girl
24 Hours Exploring the Manchester Food Scene With Halal Girl About …

For her second guest blog on Ummahsonic, Halal Girl About Town heads up north to sample the best halal options on offer in Manchester.

Now is the Time for You to Follow Bodega Cats …

In NYC, a corner shop is called a bodega. One Instagram account is championing the cats that lounge among the shelves in these beloved community hubs.

freshers week
How to Make the Most of Freshers Week (Especially When …

From joining societies to getting involved with politics, here’s how to make the most of freshers week – without any alcohol being involved whatsoever.

Maaria Lohiya
We Love These Amazing Photos of the People of Palestine …

Maaria Lohiya is a photographer who graces her followers with photos of the places she goes and the people she sees, like these portraits of Palestinians.

Riz Ahmed
Riz Ahmed Becomes the First Muslim to win an Acting Emmy

Riz Ahmed won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for his role in The Night Of, making him the first Muslim to win an Emmy for acting.