These Pics of Muslim Graduates are Getting us HYPED

Above: Graduates! Credit: @aishasyusuf / @_yaaasir.

Hello everyone. How gassed are you that it’s Monday? Like most normal people, there’s nothing we love more than returning to the demands of work after two whole days of hanging with friends, chilling out in the sun and consigning the very word ‘alarm’ to the deepest, darkest pocket of our memory.

Oh wait, no we don’t! The crushing reality of the very start of the working week makes us want to crawl into the stationary cupboard and cry until Friday. We imagine you probably feel pretty similar (unless, of course, you’re on summer holiday rn, then hooray for you), but luckily we’ve found something to cheer up all of the 9-5 crew who are in the midst of the Monday blues.

As you’ll know from our various blogs we’ve recently written on the subject, talented and smart people all over the country are graduating from university right now. As there’s nothing we like more than shining a light on amazing Muslims doing awesome things, we’ve tumbled through Twitter in an effort to find the most inspiring, heartwarming and downright LIT graduation pics.

Their stories will turn even the moodiest Monday into a life-affirming best-day-ever. Let’s kick things off by giving a huge shout out to the refugee who became a literal rocket scientist. Respect:

This next one’s for the Thiruvalluvar readers. SOAS grads will understand:

Now here’s a pair of exceptional hijabi achievers…

And now for a very happy mum.

OK, this one is making us a bit emotional so we’re just gonna repeat her words DON’T. GIVE. UP.


Shouts to everyone who’s just completed 17 years of education. You did it. HYPED.

Lastly, while we love to highlight Muslim success we’re always game to push any and all positive stories to the forefront. This guy proves that it’s never too late to turn things around:

We don’t know about you, but this has hyped us up to do great things over the next week. We hope it’s inspired you to go out and do good and be great and change the world, too.

Or at least upped your mood on a Monday.


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