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Every Type of Singleton You’ll Meet on Muslim ‘Dating’ Apps

Featured image credit: Salaam Swipe via Facebook

A short while ago, we introduced you to a group of young couples who had met via Instagram. While all the stories were obviously completely adorable, they also showed how social media is altering the looking-for-love-landscape for a whole generation of Muslims.

It therefore comes as no surprise that there’s now a number of apps dedicated solely to Muslim singletons. Apps like Muzmatch, Minder and Salaam Swipe are all offering millennial Muslims the chance to meet their perfect partner from the phone in the palm of their hand. But much like their less Halal but better-known counterparts (we’re talking Tinder), they still come with a familiar cast of characters.

Let’s take a look at the type of people you’re bound to swipe across while using these digital tools for Muslim matchmaking.

The Beauty Blogger

She’s gorgeous, she’s talented, and she makes more money off a single Instagram post plugging a lipstick than you do in an entire week. She’s the hijabi beauty blogger, and while you may be only one of her 55 thousand followers, matching her on an app might be the way to grab her attention.

The Pious Bachelor

Meet the man who’s more than dedicated to his religion. In many ways, he could be the perfect partner – he’s spiritual, he’s caring and his moral compass regularly points in the right direction. But given his faith in ancient verse, he’s skeptical of finding his true love through modern tech. Could you be the one to change his mind?

The Tattooed Mipster

Even though he’s got more tattoos than Zayn Malik and a beard that screams ‘Friday night in Shoreditch’ not ‘Friday night in mosque’, it’s really all a facade. This hipster + Muslim = Mipster is looking for the perfect Muslim girl – and as he has “Digital media rockstar with a track record of tearing up the rulebook” written on his LinkedIn, it’s little wonder he’s using his phone to find her.

The ‘You’re Too Old for This’ Person

You know the type. Phone in their left hand, right index finger carefully moving around the touch screen (we swear anyone over the age of 40 can’t operate a smartphone with their thumb). Apps are as novel to them as the internet, but we shall not hate. For while our generation may swipe left, someone out there will hopefully give them a loving swipe-right. With their index finger.

The Revert

They’re new to the religion but eager to embrace everything our beautiful faith has to offer. While this enthusiasm can be refreshing, it can also come on a little too strong. Fortunately, you’re on an app, so you can just lock the phone if it gets a bit too much. Thanks, internet.

The Reason You Delete all Your Apps

You knew it from the moment you saw their profile picture, you know, the one you screengrabbed and sent to all your friends. They were perfect in every way, from the first messages you swapped to the time you met in person, both of you nervously fumbling for the right thing to say.

Would it have ever happened were it not for an app? It doesn’t bear thinking about to be quite honest with you.

Have you met the love of your life on a Muslim dating app? Let us know in the comments. Please, our hearts need it <3

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