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The Young Muslim Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram #12

Featured image credit: Elhaam Sahebdin.

As fun as it’s been, we were actually planning to end the Young Muslim Artists series. Even though it’s been a roaring success, popular in every conceivable corner of the globe, and made millionaires of all of the artists we’ve featured lol/jk got them a few more Instagram followers (hopefully), all good things must come to an end.

It’s never cool when someone outstays their welcome, and while the blog hasn’t exactly been eating your food or stealing your WiFi, the same principle applies. But just as we were wrapping it up last week, the tears falling as we typed, dananananananading! A message slid into our DMs.

It was another artist, asking for a feature. And because she was so good, we delayed the final instalment until next week. So without further ado, the twelfth and penultimate YMA is east London-based Elhaam Sahebdin, known on Instagram as @elhxxm.

The 20-year-old self-taught artist creates super-detailed illustrations that aren’t indulgent, and has a knack for calligraphy that isn’t derivative. Basically, Elhaam has the kind of talent that made us want to start this series in the first place.

Check out some of her work below and don’t forget to give her a follow. If you want to know even more, head to Elhaam’s website.

Slow progress on the angel piece so here's a throwback of "Grow" in the making. #art #seaurchin #tb

A post shared by Elhaam Sahebdin (@elhxxm) on

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next week’s instalment, which will actually be the last one. Having said that, we’re never going to stop featuring creative young Muslims on Ummahsonic, so if you know someone deserving of a place on our site (even if it’s not on a blog titled Young Muslim Artists…), hit us up.

Thanks and bye.

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