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We Love Mr Tee, The Most Popular Welsh Muslim Ice Cream Man in the World

Featured image credit: Mr Tee King Of Desserts – Original and BEST.

Before we get going, we just want to note how the combination of the words ‘Welsh Muslim Ice Cream Man’ really shows why the UK is such a great place. We’re not saying our island is capable of magic, but we really are home to a rare breed of exceptional hustler.

So who is Mr Tee? Our British Indian Muslim hero drives an ice cream van in his hometown of Wrexham, north Wales. That’s reasonably lit in itself, but there’s more to him than most neighbourhood ice cream men. Mr Tee tours his van all over the UK and he’s currently got 68,000 Facebook fans.

The good people at Munchies recently wrote an excellent profile of Mr Tee that revealed why he’s so popular. While most ice cream vans flog 99s and market themselves solely through the song on their speakers, Mr Tee decided to go the extra mile. He worked out how to build a loyal following. He visited different estates, he brought orders to front doors, and he posted his whereabouts on Facebook.

It’s a grind he pins on his Indian heritage: ‘You know what Desis are like, we have that immigrant hustle,’ he told Munchies. However, Tee’s (real name Tariq) willingness to clock up the miles around the Wrexham, and beyond, isn’t the only reason he’s so successful.

Look at what he’s serving up:

Mr Tee

Mr Tee

Mr Tee

Mr Tee

All images via Mr Tee King Of Desserts – Original and BEST.

Mr Tee is a genius. His technicolour creations make Willy Wonka look like an insurance salesmen. When we look through the glories of his Facebook – with photos of Reece’s Pieces peanut butter waffles and Oreo biscuit blue trays – we start to think, ‘no, we don’t deserve Mr Tee’, he’s too wonderful for mere man. It’s easy to see why people queue for more than an hour to sample his outrageous menu.

So how did he decide to create such concoctions? Mr Tee explained it to Munchies: ‘It was around Easter two years ago that I just had a brainwave with Easter eggs. I filled half of it with ice cream added some snazz to it – like sprinkles, sherbet, and what have you – and sold them for £3.50 each. Then on social media, it went mental. I thought, I’m onto something here.’

He started prepping recipes in his own style, flogging them for cheap to his growing fan base. His self-styled moniker, King of Desserts – Original and BEST, seems well deserved.

We’ve said before that the best of multicultural Britain can be experienced through our food. We are a nation who loves curry, kebabs, fish & chips, fried chicken and #AvoToast in equal measure. Yet even if some of us push these dishes to the side of the plate, there’s one thing that absolutely everyone loves. Hint: it’s cold.

‘I just serve ice cream, it’s not political. But what I will say is that I read the papers, see this hot political climate and think, well, maybe people need cooling down.’

Mr Tee, with his incredible creations and wise words, is making us love it even more.

Don’t forget to give Mr Tee a Like on Facebook.

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