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Fashioning the Future With Mr Erbil: Iraq’s Sharpest Hipsters

Not to hype up our own garms or anything, but the Ummahsonic team dresses so fleeky we are thrown across the room when someone’s style even comes close to our level.

Which is why we’re always on the lookout for anyone who even comes close to dressing as well as us.

We recently discovered a bunch of hipster-looking guys in Iraq who are members of the newly opened ‘Mr Erbil’ gentlemen’s club.

They have ‘waxed moustaches, precision-clipped beards and dapper clothes’ according to this story. And they’re fashioning a future that looks very different to the usual pictures we see of Iraqi men – a new vision that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tom Ford show at Paris Fashion Week.

Despite the club being a mere 50 miles from Mosul, Mr Erbil won’t let nearby conflict cramp its style. As well-groomed as the UmmahSonic team may be (which we definitely are, we swear), our commitment to looking fresh is nowhere near as strong as the gents who make up Mr Erbil.

It might sound shallow, but we reckon hipsters in sharp suits represent more for Iraq than a fashion trend. It’s a show of strength, of resilience, of looking forward to a new era with a modern touch.

These young men are entrepreneurs. As businessman and Mr Erbil founder Goran Pshtiwan, 26, says: “There was no business activity so we started with the idea to gather and make something different and unique and change the look of the people and the way that they are thinking.”

While it’s currently a boys-only club, Mr Erbil is using its new-found fame to promote women who are working to improve rights and opportunities for girls in Iraq.

Mr Erbil, we salute you. Be sure to follow the gents on Instagram.

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