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Meet Omar Kamal, Palestine’s Answer to Frank Sinatra

We’ve got good news for anyone who feels like a Palestinian version of Frank Sinatra should exist: a Palestinian version of Frank Sinatra exists.

His name’s Omar Kamal, he’s from Palestine and, according to his website, his music has drawn comparisons to artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, and Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.

But is he any good? To be honest, we don’t really know. Kamal’s music, much like the music of Sinatra, may be a little too ‘vintage’ for the Ummahsonic team as well as for anyone reading this. But then if mums across the world are listening to Michael Buble and Sinatra’s still selling albums despite being dead for 19 years, it’s worth giving Kamal’s brand of crooning a fair review.

So let’s break out the earbuds and burn through his biggest tracks, starting with…

‘Love Never Felt So Good’

This is Kamal’s marquee lounge banger and the first single off his debut album ‘Serenade’.

Lettuce be serious: it’s a bit of a jam. Sure, in many ways it’s about as unique as a free newspaper, but in many more ways it’s a soaring ballad befitting the wildest romance one could ever imagine gracing the silver screen. We also like hearing a song sung in a person’s second language. It lends it something pleasingly unusual. A solid four out of five stars.

‘What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life’

Next up we have this straight-up cover of a Sinatra song, which was also a cover of someone else’s version (maybe Barbra Streisand’s?) Anyways, Kamal’s effort certainly does the track justice, while reinforcing his reputation as the ‘Palestinian Sinatra’.

Perhaps if he’d re-worked it to a Mike Will Made It instrumental and paid Gucci Mane $50,000 to add a verse Kamal would be called the Palestinian Rae Sremmurd. But he didn’t, so he’s not. That would be ridiculous. Four out of five.

‘Fly Me To The Moon

Everyone knows this song. It’s impossible not to know this song. There are thought to be over 300 versions of it by various acts. And one of those is Kamal. Thanks to his flawless delivery and the band’s bold use of jazz flute, we can safely say that this is our favourite version of ‘Fly Me To The Moon.’ Five out of five.


Kamal recently recorded Serenade, his debut album, in London. While it might not be destined for UK chart domination, it’s certainly one of the more unique musical offerings of the year. Given his background, coupled with the slightly unorthodox lilt of his voice, Kamal really is one of a kind. He even managed to make some of the most covered tracks in the history of music sound different, and that’s no mean feat.

Be sure to check out his website for info about the album + tour dates.

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