Halal Food Instagram Heroes #2 Man vs Halal Food

Featured image credit: Man vs Halal Food.

Meat. We love it. We love it grilled, we love it roasted, we love it stewed. We eat it with chips and hot sauce and peri-peri seasoning; we buy it deep fried and between buns; we char it on skewers and stuff it in pita. We want it all (except pork obvs) but most of all we want it halal.

Having said that, we doubt we want it as much as our new favourite Instagrammer Man vs Halal Food.

(If you’re a vegetarian, you might want to look away now.)

Leicester’s own MVSHF is a veritable human meat grinder who squares away enough dead animal to give a lesser man renal failure. Or does he? Despite what the name suggests, we don’t think this mysterious meat masticator is the halal Adam Richman, nor do we think he’s suffering from daily heart palpitations or a BMI that resembles Bill Gates’ bank account.

At first glance, his Instagram does look like highlights from the world’s greatest barbecue. But on closer inspection, you realise that this dude is eating a lot of delicious meat-based meals, not just dump truck loads of meat for the social media fame.

Check it out.

lookin good.. let’s do this @tuktukjourney #tuktuk #halal #food #leicester #chicken

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Double blazing crumb looking amazing @marcoandcarl.. #burger #delicious #halal #leicester

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You see that food above? Do you appreciate the majesty of that chicken burger? Or the sheer brilliance of the huge pile of whatever that huge pile is? We do, and we also realise that they’re the sort of treat-but-not-kill-yourself portions that we could chow down on should the feeling take us (which it already has TBH). Because what’s the point of eating delicious meat if you eat so much that your vision stops working and you engage your belt in civil war? There isn’t one, that’s what!

Best of all, everything pictured is halal, proving that loads of burger slinging, steak grilling eateries in the UK are due a visit from the Ummahsonic team (and you, naturally).

However, if dirty burgers and fries aren’t your thing, MVSHF also has a penchant for the finer meats in life. Take a look:

We mean look at that last one. Halal veal. Excuse us while we take a trip to Bradford – which, of course, is the very reason we started this blog. Guys like Man vs Halal Food educate us about all the incredible halal restaurants that we would have never otherwise come across. Never will we be consigned to a horrible side salad or dry chicken again. From here on out, it’s all halal veal for us. It will probably bankrupt the entire website, but we like to think it will be worth it.

Tune in next week for the third instalment of Halal Food Heroes, where we’ll be hyping up the veggies with an all vegan blogger.

After all, there was a lot of meat this week.

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