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Makeup Artist Queen of Luna is Freaking Us out with Her Incredible Hijab Cosplay

We actually discovered the work of Saraswati, a makeup artist based in Malaysia, a fair few months ago. The only reason we didn’t post about her Instagram – where she goes by the name Queen of Luna – back then was because the Ummahsonic team was feeling particularly averse to Disney princesses – we’re not sure why – and we thought the less Ariels, Belles and whatshername from the hunchback movie on the site, the better.

Fortunately, Queen of Luna has focused many of her recent efforts on non-Disney based cosplay. Her creations are as incredible as ever, with all of them featuring her innovative use of a hijab to replicate the otherworldly locks adorning the various cinematic and comic book heroines (and villains) she channels.

One of our favourites from her new stuff is the puppet from the Saw franchise. We hate that guy. We also hate how long that franchise went on for. And how there’s actually another one coming out in October. Which will be the eighth. Unbelievable.

But anyways, good cosplay.


We also dig her interpretation of the Corpse Bride.

And we dunno what this Mother’s Day getup is about, but we’re still feeling it.

While we were somewhat hating on Disney princesses earlier, we do like it when she cosplays as one of the more famous ones – but with a horrifying twist.

Also, her cosplay version of Little Mermaid supervillain, Ursula, is a terrifying sight to behold.

Given the striking and creative nature of her work, Queen of Luna isn’t the only hijabi to pursue this style of cosplay – just punch ‘hijab cosplay’ into Instagram to explore more of this sort of stuff, or better still, pay the Hijab Cosplay Gallery a visit on Facebook.

It’s great to see modest wear and experimental makeup fusing in such a seamless way, especially when most of the characters Queen of Luna channels tend to be strong, if sometimes villainous, women.

One thing is clear: creativity and tradition do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Don’t forget to follow Queen of Luna on two of the three giants of social media, Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, if you do your own cosplay, please please please hit us up with a picture in our Facebook page’s comments section. Who knows? You might even get a feature.





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