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We Were At London’s First Ever ‘Modest Fashion Week’ And It Rocked

The UmmahSonic Towers Fashionsitas took ourselves to the capital last week for London’s first ever ‘Modest Fashion Week’.

Timed to coincide with London Fashion Week, Modest Fashion Week (LMFW) was held at the city’s famous Saatchi Gallery and 3,000 young trendsetters came along to see what all the fuss is about.

And it was totally worth it.

The clever people who organised the show made a short film about it all which you can watch by clicking here.

‘Generation M’ is the new phrase coined to describe the rise and rise of fashion created with Muslims in mind. Everyone is talking about it. Diversity in fashion is the industry’s power phrase.

What’s not to like?


It’s been a long time coming. There are now more Muslims the UK than ever before. We’re a growing market. And we’ve been (mostly) ignored for far too long.

But not any more.

London is emerging as a global leader in Islamic style.


At New York Fashion Week in 2016, Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan made history as the first ever designer to feature hijabs in every one of her outfits on the catwalk.

Recently, high street retailers like Marks and Spencer and Uniqlo launched ranges aimed at Muslim women.

H&M model and Instagram star Mariah Idrissi is fast becoming a spokesperson for what’s being called ‘Islamic Fashion’.

Modest Fashion is in fashion.

Forty designers showed off their creations at the event, where clothes are designed for people who want to dress in a less provocative and skin-showing way.

And it wasn’t just about the hijab. On show was a diverse range of fashionable outfits.

It’s fantastic to see so much diversity in clothing for a generation embracing Muslim style – and mixing fashion with ‘modesty’ that some women choose as part of their expression of faith.

So who came out on top? Here are some of our highlights:



UK-based Avayaana‘s showstopping creations wowed the crowds! Avayaana means: a strong, powerful and beautiful women.

The label represents modesty via elegance and class. Here’s what they say: how you dress determines how others approaches you, how you feel about yourself, it is what strangers take away when they have an encounter with you, it projects your mood and it definitely speaks without oral communication. This is why we believe a modest women should be nothing but elegant and classy.’



As Vogue says (and who’s to argue with them when it comes to fashion?): ‘Sahee London sent their models down the runway in loose silhouettes, long hemlines, and high necklines. Hairstyles were not uniform; while some models donned headscarves, others let their long manes cascade down their backs. Makeup ranged from barely-there to high-octane glamour.’


Roda Abi is an entrepreneur and founder of Amirab. She designs high-quality, modern and fashionable modest wear that allow women to express their identity and their individuality through clothing whilst compromising nothing.


British girl Rebecca’s work focuses on pushing 3-D boundaries of the silhouette through fabric manipulation combining mixed media processes and a beautiful colour palette in print design. After her catwalk show, Emirates Woman magazine said: ‘We’re getting major Thelma and Louise vibes from the retro sunnies and scarf combo – and that’s always a good thing. The patchwork of lace and encrusted gems is also inspired; it’s mesmerising without being off-puttingly busy.

We’re loving it! Fashion is finally reflecting the diversity of our society and embracing our multicultural and multi-faith communities. At a time when many countries are debating Islamic dress and women’s liberation, fashion has the chance to show the world a different side to the story.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Modest Fashion!

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