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Islamic Fashion: Setting A Catwalk Trend and Challenging Perceptions of Muslim Women

It may be cold in the city but the capital is hotting up for London Fashion Week 2017 as international designers step up to showcase more diversity in their creations.

London is emerging as a global leader in the rise of Islamic style. In May 2016, the city hosted the Saverah Women Expo, a Muslim business event that showcased, among other things, ‘modest fashion’. The expo aimed to empower Muslim women and dozens of international and UK-based fashion designers exhibited at the event.

Models wore outfits ranging from skinny trousers paired with close-fitting tunics and minimal hijabs to stunning all-encompassing black abayas with elaborate veils.

At New York Fashion Week in 2016, Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan made history as the first ever designer to feature hijabs in every one of her outfits on the catwalk.

Away from high fashion, even high street retailers like Marks and Spencer and Uniqlo have launched ranges aimed at Muslim women.

Economics experts predict that the global Muslim clothing market will be worth approximately £260billion by 2020. It’s a fast-growing industry and something that’s taking the fashion world by storm.

It’s fantastic to see so much diversity in clothing for a generation embracing Muslim style – and mixing fashion with ‘modesty’ that some women choose as part of their expression of faith.

Muslim model Mariah Idrissi is fast becoming a spokesperson for what’s being called ‘Islamic Fashion’. She’s a big star on Instagram and when a fan asked her about the new Muslim trends, she replied:  “When it comes to Nando’s or KFC supplying us with halal meat, no one complains, everyone is happy to eat it. Muslim designers will always be valued and needed. It’s about moving forward and being positive.”

It’s about time! Fashion has always set the trend, not only reflecting society but also influencing the future. At a time when many countries are debating Islamic dress and women’s liberation, fashion has the chance to show the world a different side to the story.

Here at UmmahSonic Towers we can’t wait to see what London Fashion Week showcases this year. Stay up to date with the event at

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